Week 3- Spet. 3

Week 3- Spet. 3

I hope that everyone enjoyed their three day weekend!  This week we will continue working hard and learning many new things.

Lang. Arts-  This week students will be given the PALS screening.  We will continue reading our Ramona Quimby, Age 8 novel study this week and will hopefully be finishing up the book by Friday.  This week students will also be introduced to Word Study, this week we will all work on the same sort and in the weeks to follow students will be grouped and will work on spelling patterns that are on their level.

Math-  Students will continue working with greater numbers.  This week students will review comparing and ordering numbers.  Students will also be rounding numbers in the tens, hundreds, and thousands place.

Science-  We will begin our first unit in Science this week.  Students will be learning all about the Scientific Method and will be wrapping up this introduction with an experiment.

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