January 13 to 17

January 13 to 17

Lang. Arts-  We will be continuing our unit on Fairy Tales, there are many versions of the Cinderella story and we will be looking at many of them, ask your child about their favorite version!  To follow along with reading different Cinderella stories students will also be writing their own Cinderella stories creating their own characters and setting.  PALS testing will be finished this week.  *No works this week.

Math-  Students will continue working with money, this week they will be working hard making change.  When working on homework at night have your child use real money if they can, this helps tie in why knowing about money is so important.

Science-  This week we will finish up our unit on Energy Sources with a quiz on Wednesday.

Social Studies-  We will begin our unit on European Explorers this Thursday.  Christopher Columbus will be the first explorer that students will learn about.  They will learn about his reasons for exploration, what he accomplished, and which country sponsored his trip.

This week we will have an author visit Byrd.  Check out Mrs. Hawk’s blog post for more details!

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