Dec. 11 to 13

Dec. 11 to 13

I hope that everyone enjoyed the snow days!  This week we will be working hard to make up for these lost days.

Lang. Arts-  Students will continue working on cause and effect in their reading groups.  We will not have any words this week due to the missed days.

Math-  This week students will be working on a STEM project that ties in all of our core subject areas.  Students will be creating a community with buildings that they will create themselves.

Science-  We will be finishing up our unit on Simple Machines, test next Tuesday.  Students will be identifying the different simple machines within a compound machine.

A note from Mrs. Watts about tonights Winter Program, show begins at 6:30:  Please have students bring their ukulele’s with them in their boxes tonight.  I will come and tune them before the program.  If they could arrive closer to 6:00 that would be super!

Next Week:

MAP Testing on Monday and Tuesday.

Please have all permission slips and money turned in for the Caroling trip on Friday December 20.


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