Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

Dec. 2 to 6

Dec. 2 to 6

Lang. Arts-  This week reading groups will begin new books.  All groups will be working with cause and effect as they read.

Math-  We will be finishing up our unit on Graphing with a test on Wednesday.

Science-  Students are beginning to learn about simple machines.  They will be learning about six different types of simple machines and how when simple machines are combined they create compound machines.

Words of the Week-  wedge, pulley, inclined, plane, screw, wheel, axle, lever, machine, simple, compound, and force


BES Winter Program December 11, 2013

The Winter Program entitled “A Wintry Night” will be held on Wednesday evening, December 11th, in the Goochland High School auditorium.  The program will begin at 6:30 pm.  This is a school wide program presented by all students, Pre-School – 5thGrade. 

Third Grade –  City Workers The students may wear orange vests and hard hats for the city workers.  Jeans, boots, and work gloves may also be worn. Second and Third Grade students will meet in the cafeteria.  Students need to be checked in by 6:10.  When the program is over students will return to the cafeteria where they will be picked up.