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Engineering Lab Needs

Engineering Lab Needs

We have been hard at work creating buildings for our community!  Now several things are running low in the Engineering Lab – - so if you could donate any of the following items it would be greatly appreciated!



-any kind of tape – masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, packaging tape


-popsicle sticks


-construction paper



Dec. 16 to 20

Dec. 16 to 20

Lang. Arts-  This week we will be finishing up our books, your child has read one of the following books and worked on the correlating skills:

  • The Firefighter- connecting to prior knowledge to understand text, identify cause-and-effect relationships, identify context clues, and recognize and use the prefix un-

  • Inside the Beast- visualizing to better understand the text, understand and identify cause-and-effect relationships, identify r-controlled vowels, identify and use adjectives, recognize and understand the use of similes

  • The World of NASCAR- asking and answering questions to understand text, identify cause-and-effect relationships in nonfiction text, understand the use of commas in a series, identify and understand the use of the the prefix re- and suffix -ful

  • Alice’s Birthday Cake-  making, revising, and confirming predictions to better understand the text, understand and identify cause-and-effect relationships, recognize and use adverbs with the suffix -ly, identify and understand the use of the prefix un- and suffix -ful

Math-  Students are finishing up their STEM projects and will be creating a community with all of the finished buildings from our class and the first grade classes.

Science-  Simple Machines test on Tuesday.  We will begin working on Natural Resources on Wednesday.

  • Please make sure all permission slips for Fridays Caroling trip are turned in by Wednesday.

  • All money of the Winter Pizza Party needs to be turned in by Wednesday.


Dec. 11 to 13

Dec. 11 to 13

I hope that everyone enjoyed the snow days!  This week we will be working hard to make up for these lost days.

Lang. Arts-  Students will continue working on cause and effect in their reading groups.  We will not have any words this week due to the missed days.

Math-  This week students will be working on a STEM project that ties in all of our core subject areas.  Students will be creating a community with buildings that they will create themselves.

Science-  We will be finishing up our unit on Simple Machines, test next Tuesday.  Students will be identifying the different simple machines within a compound machine.

A note from Mrs. Watts about tonights Winter Program, show begins at 6:30:  Please have students bring their ukulele’s with them in their boxes tonight.  I will come and tune them before the program.  If they could arrive closer to 6:00 that would be super!

Next Week:

MAP Testing on Monday and Tuesday.

Please have all permission slips and money turned in for the Caroling trip on Friday December 20.


Dec. 2 to 6

Dec. 2 to 6

Lang. Arts-  This week reading groups will begin new books.  All groups will be working with cause and effect as they read.

Math-  We will be finishing up our unit on Graphing with a test on Wednesday.

Science-  Students are beginning to learn about simple machines.  They will be learning about six different types of simple machines and how when simple machines are combined they create compound machines.

Words of the Week-  wedge, pulley, inclined, plane, screw, wheel, axle, lever, machine, simple, compound, and force


BES Winter Program December 11, 2013

The Winter Program entitled “A Wintry Night” will be held on Wednesday evening, December 11th, in the Goochland High School auditorium.  The program will begin at 6:30 pm.  This is a school wide program presented by all students, Pre-School – 5thGrade. 

Third Grade –  City Workers The students may wear orange vests and hard hats for the city workers.  Jeans, boots, and work gloves may also be worn. Second and Third Grade students will meet in the cafeteria.  Students need to be checked in by 6:10.  When the program is over students will return to the cafeteria where they will be picked up.