Daily Archives: November 4, 2013

Nov. 4 to 8

Nov. 4 to 8

Lang. Arts-  This week we will be finishing up our mystery stories and students will begin learning about a new genre.  Students have had fun with their Monster Match writing and will be seeing if the 4th graders at GES were able to use their writing to recreate their monster.  We will begin working on a new writing prompt this week to share with grandparents November 22.

Math-  We will be finishing up our unit on Time with a test to come next Tuesday.

Social Studies-  Students will be learning about how democracy worked in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Partent Teacher Conferences on Tuesday *E-mail me if you do not have a time scheduled and you would like to come in!

Field Trip to Shalom Farms on Friday *Please have all permission slips in by Wednesday.