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Oct. 28 to Nov. 1

Oct. 28 to Nov. 1

Lang. Arts-  This week students will be finishing up their mysteries.  We will be working on some “monster” descriptive writing, we will be sharing finished writing with students at GES to see if they can recreate our monsters and if we can recreate theirs.

Math-  We will begin our unit on time this week.  Students will be working on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and 1 minute.  Students will also be working on elapsed time.

Social Studies-  Students have started learning about Ancient Greece.  We will also be learning about Ancient Rome and how it compares to Ancient Greece.  Students will be learning about how Ancient Greece and Rome influence architecture and government in modern times.

Words of the Week-  Greece, Rome, contribution, ancient, modern, sport, column, hill, farm, and trade

Tuesday-  Reading Reaps a Harvest at Byrd from 5 to 6:30 *Remember to allow yourself time to go through the stations in the gym before trick or treating.

Thursday-  Walk-a-thon sponsored by the Byrd PTA

Oct. 21 to 25

Oct. 21 to 25

Lang. Arts-  This week we will pick back up with Word Study.  Reading groups will continue working with their mystery stories.  We will also be reviewing verbs in our writing this week.

Math-  We will be wrapping up our unit on Multiplication this week with a quiz on Thursday.  Students have been learning how to multiply using manipulatives  number lines, and 100′s chart.

Science-  Our unit on the Water Cycle is coming to an end.  Students have enjoyed lots of books and activities to get us thinking about water pollution and water conservation.

Social Studies-  Students will begin learning about the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Mali.

Words of the Week-  water, vapor, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, rain, hail, snow, sources, reservoir, surface, and ground

October 15 to 18

October 15 to 18

PTA Meeting on Tuesday- Please bring your child in to perform we will line-up at 6:20 and the meeting starts at 6:30.

Shalom Farms Field Trip on Friday!

Parent Teacher Conference notices will be going home on Tuesday!  Be sure to return your slips quickly to get your preferred slot, times fill on a first come basis.

Science-  We will continue learning about the Water Cycle.  Students will learn about water sources and why it is important to conserve water.  Water Cycle Quiz next week.

Math-  This week we will continue to learn about multiplication.  So far we have modeled multiplication as repeated addition and groups.  This week students will learn about multiplying using a number line.  Students will be learning about the 0′s, 1′s, 2′s, and 3′s this week, they will be looking for patterns and rules that we can apply for understanding.

Lang. Arts-  Our October POWER prompts are now on display in the hallway!  Students will be working on verbs in the past, present, and future tense this week.  This week we will be working with fictional mysteries.  Your child will be reading one of the following books and working on the related skills:

The Footprint

  • make, revise, and confirm predictions before and during reading

-draw conclusions using context clues

-identify and use contractions

-understand the difference between past and present tense

Ghosts in the House

-make, revise, and confirm predictions to understand the text

-make inferences

-identify contractions used in the text

-identify compound words

Mystery in the Moonlight

-visualizing to understand fictional text

-analyze characters in the story

-use future-tense verbs in sentences

The Mystery of Granville Library

-retell to understand the text

-identify elements of the mystery genre

-identify names of people as proper nouns

-identify and create similes



Notes Going Home Today!

Notes Going Home Today!

I know that the students are very excited to have Monday off!  Please be sure to check your child’s backpack this weekend notes went home about:

PTA Meeting Tuesday-  Third grade will be performing at the meeting, please have your child at school by 6:20, so we can line up before the meeting begins.

Book Fair-  The Fall Book Fair will be here October 15th through the 21.

Fundraising –  Wrapping paper fundraiser.

Trunk or Treat – at Goochland Elementary

Friday Journals-  Parents have been doing a great job writing back to students each weekend.  The students really look forward to writing to you and seeing what you write back!  Thank you for your participation and support of this weekly writing opportunity!


I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Week of Oct 7 to 11

Week of Oct 7 to 11

Lang. Arts-  This will be students last week working on non-fiction text.  This week we will be working on a writing prompt from the prospective of a leaf.  We will not have “Words of the Week” this week.

Math- We will be wrapping up our unit on Addition and Subtraction with a Unit Test on Wednesday.  Please remember the test will include review questions from past units.

Science-  Students will be finishing up our unit on Metric Measurement.  This week we will learn about temperature and perform an experiment to discover the fastest way to dissolve suger.


If you would like to participate in this months Reading Club order please do so by Thursday!

October Reading Club Order

October Reading Club Order

Good news! This month’s Scholastic Reading Club flyers are ready for you to explore with your child. Children read more when they choose their own books, so I encourage you to look at the flyers together.

Place your order online at or return the order form and payment to me. Ordering online is the easiest way to ensure I get your order on time, plus there are more books to choose from.

Books make wonderful gifts! Please let me know if your order includes a gift or surprise, and I will contact you when it arrives.

Ordering online is fast and easy:

  •  REGISTER at
  •  ENTER the Class Activation Code GMQ6R
  •  CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs, and Storia eBooks
  •  SUBMIT the order to me by the due date at the top of this letter
  •  EARN FREE Books for our classroom too!

Go Green and Write with POWER

Go Green and Write with POWER

Today was our first official ”writing day.”  Students were asked to wear green to go along with our school theme of “Growing Great Citizens.”  This morning students have been hard at work finishing up a writing prompt we have been working on since last Friday and moving though all the steps of POWER, ask your child for more information!

Edmodo & Recording Studi0

Edmodo & Recording Studi0

Monday and Tuesday Mrs. Parrish came in to show our class how to use Edmodo.  We will be using Edmodo to share fluency recordings and to have discussions about what we are learning in class.

For parents interested in signing up for Edmodo, use this link to Mrs. Parrish’s blog for more information.

If you would like more information about Edmodo visit this blog post.


Sept. 30 to Oct. 4

Sept. 30 to Oct. 4

Lang. Arts- We will be wrapping up our Reading groups working on non-fiction texts this week.  Your child read one of the following books and worked on the correlating skills:

Curiosity on Mars- visualize to understand text, identify main idea and details, identify and use prepositional phrases within sentences, and recognize and use synonyms and antonyms

Introducing Planet Earth- connecting to prior knowledge to understand text, identify main idea and details, identify vowel patter -ight, understand plural nouns, and identify and form compound words

Our Solar System- asking and answering questions to understand the text, identify main idea and details, capitalize and punctuates sentences; capitalize place names, recognize and use content vocabulary

Jupiter’s Secrets Revealed- asking and answering questions to understand the text, identify details to compare and contrast information, recognize irregular past-tense verbs in text


Math-  This week students will be moving into subtracting numbers with regrouping.

Science-  Students will continue learning about measurement.  This week they will be working on skills with measuring mass, volume, and temperature.

Words of the Week: balance, beaker, data, observation, measurement, tool, unit, graduated, cylinder, science, scale, and thermometer