Sept. 23 to 27

Sept. 23 to 27

Lang. Arts-  This week students will continue working on non-fiction text about our solar system.  Students will also be working on using Reference Materials.

Math-  Students will continue learning about addition with regrouping with up to four digit numbers.  We will be moving into subtraction with regrouping.

Science-  Test on day and night, seasons, moon phases, and tides on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will begin our unit on Measurement.

Words of the Week- length, mass, volume, temperature, measure, metric, liter, centimeter, gram, ruler, meter, and milliliter

*Field Trip on Friday, please have all permission slips in by Wednesday!  Friday is also picture day, we will be taking our picture first thing in the morning.  Students are welcome to change into clothes for the farm following pictures.

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