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Sept. 16 to 20

Sept. 16 to 20

Lang. Arts-  This week small reading groups will begin meeting.  All groups will be reading non-fiction text with a focus on main ideas and details.  Students will continue to work on their author’s purpose writing prompt and will ready to share their rough drafts during open house on Tuesday.  Parents are welcome to come and try to guess each authors purpose!

Math-  Students will be taking their unit test on Greater Numbers on Tuesday.  Students should be able to write numbers using word, expanded, and standard form.  Students should also be able to compare, order, and round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand.

Science-  We will be finishing up our unit on Cycles by learning about tides.  Unit test will be next week, a study guide can be found on the last page of the Cycle unit notes.

Words of the Week-  winter, summer, moon, reflect, illuminate, phases, tides, high, low, world, season, and light

*Reminder- Students will be dismissed at 1 on Friday!

*Open House & PTA- Tuesday night, Open House begins at 5:30 with PTA meeting at 6:30