Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sept. 23 to 27

Sept. 23 to 27

Lang. Arts-  This week students will continue working on non-fiction text about our solar system.  Students will also be working on using Reference Materials.

Math-  Students will continue learning about addition with regrouping with up to four digit numbers.  We will be moving into subtraction with regrouping.

Science-  Test on day and night, seasons, moon phases, and tides on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will begin our unit on Measurement.

Words of the Week- length, mass, volume, temperature, measure, metric, liter, centimeter, gram, ruler, meter, and milliliter

*Field Trip on Friday, please have all permission slips in by Wednesday!  Friday is also picture day, we will be taking our picture first thing in the morning.  Students are welcome to change into clothes for the farm following pictures.

Sept. 16 to 20

Sept. 16 to 20

Lang. Arts-  This week small reading groups will begin meeting.  All groups will be reading non-fiction text with a focus on main ideas and details.  Students will continue to work on their author’s purpose writing prompt and will ready to share their rough drafts during open house on Tuesday.  Parents are welcome to come and try to guess each authors purpose!

Math-  Students will be taking their unit test on Greater Numbers on Tuesday.  Students should be able to write numbers using word, expanded, and standard form.  Students should also be able to compare, order, and round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand.

Science-  We will be finishing up our unit on Cycles by learning about tides.  Unit test will be next week, a study guide can be found on the last page of the Cycle unit notes.

Words of the Week-  winter, summer, moon, reflect, illuminate, phases, tides, high, low, world, season, and light

*Reminder- Students will be dismissed at 1 on Friday!

*Open House & PTA- Tuesday night, Open House begins at 5:30 with PTA meeting at 6:30

Sept. 9 to 13

Sept. 9 to 13

Lang. Arts- This week we will be finishing up Charlotte’s Web.  Students will begin a writing prompt with a focus on Author’s Purpose.

Math-  Students will be working on rounding in the ten’s, hundred’s, and thousand’s place.  We will also be reviewing ordering and comparing numbers.  Next week students will have a test on all skills covered this year.

Science-  Monday students will conduct a simple experiment to work through the scientific method.  Tuesday students will begin learning about natural cycles; day and night, seasons, moon phases, and tides.

Words of the Week- day, night, cycle, rotate, axis, tilt, revolve, around, away, toward, fall, and spring

Sept. 3 to 6

Sept. 3 to 6

Lang. Arts-  This week students will begin working on Word Study in small groups.  Students will be visiting and working with a partner at each Work Station.  I will also be meeting with students independently to conduct PALS testing.

Math-  Students will be using the data they collected on Virginia city populations to compare, order, and round numbers this week (these skills will not be on the quiz this friday).  Friday students will have a quiz on greater numbers, this will include reading and writing up to six digit numbers.  Students should also be able to identify the place value and value of each digit.

Social Studies-  We have finished up our unit on Map Skills students will have their unit test this Thursday.  A study guide is included as the last page of the note packet.

Science-  Students will be learning about the Scientific Method beginning on Friday.