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Feb. 25 to Mar. 1

Feb. 25 to Mar. 1

Lang. Arts- Dr. Seuss Week!  Students will be enjoying books and activities from various Dr. Seuss books.  THANK YOU to those of you that sent in a Dr. Seuss book to share! This week we will be wrapping up our non-fiction unit on Ecosystems, Test next week (as a Science grade).

Math- This week we will begin our unit on Geometry.  Students will be learning about lines, line segments, and rays as well as angles and figures.

Social Studies- We will continue learning about the Government and Famous Americans who defended our basic principles and those who were advocates for equality.

Words of the Week- TEST Thursday -American, freedom, believe, defend, basic, principle, equality, president, lawyer, minister, wage, and non-violent

Dr. Seuss Week!

Monday- “Cat in the Hat” red, white, and black

Tuesday- “500 Hats” hat day

Wednesday- “Oh the Places You’ll Go” college, a place you have been, or a place you would like to go

Thursday- “Fox in Socks” crazy sock day

Friday- “Happy Birthday to You” dress up as your favorite character (does not have to be a Dr. Seuss character)

School Calendar for 2013-2014

School Calendar for 2013-2014

GCPS community,

As we begin to develop next year’s school calendar, it is critical that we have a clear perception of our greater school community’s feedback. We invite and encourage our parents, students, staff, and general community members to let us know your thoughts about the school calendar.
This survey will be available in paper form at each school and the Central Office and is attached to this email. We will accept feedback through Friday, February 22, 2013.

Feb. 19 to 22

Feb. 19 to 22

Lang. Arts-  We will continue to read non-fiction texts with a focus on ecosystems.

Math-  Students will be finishing up our unit on Fractions. We will be learning about mixed numbers and preparing for a test next Monday.

Science-  Test on Matter Tuesday.

Social Studies- This week we will begin our unit on Famous Americans.


Words of the Week (Test on 2/28)- American, freedom, believe, defend, basic, principle, equality, president, lawyer, minister, wage, and non-violent.

*PTA Meeting Tuesday at 6:30, Third Grade Students will be presenting!

*We will be celebrating Dr.Seuss all next week!  If you have a book at home that you could send I would greatly appreciate it (all books will be returned that Friday 3/1).

Feb. 11 to 15

Feb. 11 to 15

Lang. Arts- We will be working on reading non-fiction texts, with a focus on text about ecosystems which ties into Science.  Students will also be working on the steps of POWER with a writing prompt about Dr. Seuss.

Math- This week students will continue working with fractions working with equivalent fractions.  By the end of the week students will also be able to add and subtract fractions with like denominators.  Test will be next week.

Science- Students will continue to learn about Matter.  This week we will be working with physical properties and physical changes with matter.  *We will be creating a mixture of Trail Mix this week, note went home on Friday if you are able to send anything in please let me know.

Words of the Week- TEST Thursday- matter, solid, liquid, gas, mass, space, states, definite, volume, shape, molecules, and properties

*We will be celebrating a week of Dr. Seuss February 25.  If you have any Dr. Seuss books at home that you would be willing to share until March 1 please send them in (label with a name).

Feb. 4 to 8

Feb. 4 to 8

Lang. Arts- To celebrate 100 days in school students will be writing about what they would like to accomplish by the time they turn 100.

Math-  Students will be woking with fractions.  We will be learning how to create, compare, and order fractions.  Students have made a set of fraction models to keep at home, they can also use this site, ABCya,  to help with fraction representations.

Social Studies – Test Wednesday on Explorers.

Science- We will begin our unit on Matter this Thursday.

*Please have field trip permission slips turned in by Thursday, our trip to Shalom Farm will be Friday, remember to pack a lunch.

*Parent/Teacher conferences Thursday from 3 to 6:45

*Book Orders due by February 15, link to Scholastic

Words of the Week (test Feb. 14)- matter, solid, liquid, gas, mass, space, states, definite, volume, shape, molecule, and properties