Jan. 14 to 18

Jan. 14 to 18

Lang. Arts- We will continue working on our Fairy Tale Unit reading Cinderella stories from various places.  Students will also be reviewing story elements.

Math- Students will continue working with money, this week we will be working on making change for a dollar and then move on to making change for five dollars.  We will have a test next week.

Science-  We will be finishing our unit on Energy Sources.

Social Studies-  Students will begin a unit on Explorers.  First will be learning about two explorers sponsored by Spain Columbus and Ponce de Leon.

Words of the Week (will not be tested until next week, Jan. 24)- explorers, Europe, sponsor, settlement, Spain, Columbus, San Salvador, Ponce de Leon, Florida, conquer

*Early Dismissal this Friday!

*No School Monday January 21!

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