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It’s All About PIE!

It’s All About PIE!

Students have been working hard learning about Author’s Purpose.  They have learned that PIE can help them remember the three different purposes an author may have when writing.  ”P” stands for persuade, “I” stands for inform, and “E” stands for entertain.  With these purposes in mind students were given the task of writing with a purpose.  Today students read one another’s writing and shared what they thought the authors purpose was on each piece.

Who had a clear purpose?

Dec. 10 to 14

Dec. 10 to 14

Lang. Arts- This week students will be working on Test Taking Skills to help them prepare for the coming Marking Period Tests.  We will also be working with using possessive nouns and reviewing contractions in Grammar.  There will not be a Reading Assessment on Friday due to the History MP Test that day.

Math with Ms. Thompson- Unit test on Time will be Monday.  We will be reviewing graphs and graphing skills for the remainder of the week.

Social Studies- Students will have their Unit Test on Greece, Rome, and Mali this Wednesday.  The Marking Period Test will be on Friday, this will be a cumulative test.  This is a link to the Resource Cards with an overview of what has been covered in MP 1 and 2.

Science- We will be working on Natural Events and how they impact the communities.  We will also have a Soil expert coming in to share her knowledge with the students this week!

Words of the Week- natural, events, fire, flood, disease, erosion, wind, water, germ, and virus

*Spelling Bee on Wednesday!

MP Test Schedule

Friday- Dec. 14 – History

Monday – Dec. 17 – Reading

Tuesday – Dec. 18 – Math

Wednesday – Dec. 19 – Science

Dec. 3 to 7

Dec. 3 to 7

Lang. Arts- This week we will continue working with affixes, this week our focus will be on suffixes.  Students will also continue working on their “Author’s Purpose” writing.  Reading groups will continue working with nonfiction tests on Simple Machines.

Math with Ms. Thompson- We will be wrapping up our unit on Time.  Students should be able to tell time to the minute, how much time has passed from one time on a clock until the next, use a calendar, and know various time equivalencies.   Test next Monday, December 10.

Science-  We will be finishing up our unit on Simple Machines.  Test Friday.

Social Studies-  Students will continue learning about the ancient civilization of Mali.  This week students will be learning more about the oral tradition in Mali, students will be creating their own “talking sticks” with paper towel rolls (please send these in by Wednesday).  Test on Greece, Rome, and Mali will be next week!

Byrd Winter Sing will be Wednesday at 7 at Goochland High School.  Students should arrive at 6:45, we will be meeting in the cafeteria.