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November 26 to 30

November 26 to 30

Lang. Arts-  This week students will be reading non-fiction texts on Simple Machines.  Students will be writing with an “Author’s Purpose,” all students will be given the same inspiration and from there must write with on of the pieces of the  ”PIE.”  Students will be writing to persuade the reader, inform the reader, or to entertain the reader.  We will also be working with roots and affixes this week.  There will be a reading assessment this Friday.

Math with Ms. Thompson-  We will begin our unit on Time!  Students will be reviewing telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.  Then, we will be moving into telling time to the nearest five minutes and the nearest minute.  Students will also be learning about equivalent time and elapsed time.

Science-  Students will be learning about Simple Machines in the coming weeks.  This week they will be learning about the six simple machines that are used to create compound machines.

Social Studies- This week will begin learning about the Ancient civilization of Mali.

Words of the Week- wedge, pulley, inclined, plane, screw, wheel, axle, lever, machine, simple, compound, force

PTA will meet this Tuesday at 6:30, hope to see you there!

Week of November 12

Week of November 12

Lang. Arts- This week students will be working with homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings).  Students have also finished up their November Writing Prompt about grandparents.

Math with Ms.Thompson- We will continue working on subtraction with 3 and 4 digit numbers and across zeros.  Students will also be working with word problems calling for subtraction.

Science-  We will be finishing up our unit on Soil, students had a fantastic hands on experience with soil on our field trip last Friday.

Social Studies- Rome Quiz on Wednesday!


Words of the Week- bedrock, humus, sand, weathering, loam, soil, clay, silt, subsoil, nutrients, conservation, and erosion

What is Happening This Week!  Wednesday, Nov. 14 Grandparents Day (classroom visit 11:05-11:25 followed by lunch), Friday Nov. 16 X-out Homelessness Day (remember to bring in socks)

Week of Nov. 5

Week of Nov. 5

Lang. Arts- Students will be finishing up Asop’s Fables reading.  They have been learning about the moral of the story and how it can apply to them.  We will have our Words of the Week Test on Thursday, same words as last week.

Math with Ms. Thompson-  We will continue subtracting with 3 and 4 digit numbers and across zeros.  Students will have a subtraction quiz on Thursday.

Social Studies- Quiz on Greece this Wednesday!  Check out Mrs. Parrish’s blog for review, cards for Greece and Rome are under geography.

Science- We will begin our unit on Soil in preparation for our Field Trip on Friday.


What is Happening This Week

-Read for a Treat and Betsy Q Concert Thursday at 5:30

-Field Trip to Westview on Friday!