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Week of Oct. 22

Week of Oct. 22

Lang. Arts- This week students will be working with compound words.  Reading Groups will be working with Myths, Folktales, Fables, and Legends this 9 weeks. Friday we will have a Reading Assessment.

Math with Ms. Thompson- This week we will be wrapping up our unit on Multiplication.  Students should know how to represent multiplication facts in multiple ways; with an array, skip counting on a number line, a model, and repeated addition.  Quiz on Friday!

History- We will be learning about Ancient Greece and Rome this week.


Words of the Week- Greece, Rome, contribution, ancient, modern, sport, column, hill, farm, and trade

Events Next Week- Read for a Treat, Tuesday Oct. 30 and Parent Teacher Conferences,

Thursday Nov. 1 *sign up by Wednesday of this week!