Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Week of Oct. 1

Week of Oct. 1

Lang. Arts-  Students will continue with reference materials this week, students will learn how to use an atlas, an encyclopedia, and the Internet to gather information.  Reading groups will meet, students will be working on Main Idea and details with nonfiction or realistic fiction text.

Math with Ms. Thompson- We will be wrapping up our unit on Addition with a test on Wednesday.  Students should be able to add up to four digit number with regrouping, to identify and use addition properties, and how to estimate with an addition problem.  On Thursday students will begin learning about Multiplication 0′s, 1′s, and 2′s.

Science- Our unit on Natural Cycles will finish up this week.  Study guide can be found in the Science section of your students binder on the last page of notes.  Test this Friday October 5.


Words of the Week- winter, summer, moon, reflect, illuminate, phases, tides, high, low, world, season, and light