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Week of Oct. 22

Week of Oct. 22

Lang. Arts- This week students will be working with compound words.  Reading Groups will be working with Myths, Folktales, Fables, and Legends this 9 weeks. Friday we will have a Reading Assessment.

Math with Ms. Thompson- This week we will be wrapping up our unit on Multiplication.  Students should know how to represent multiplication facts in multiple ways; with an array, skip counting on a number line, a model, and repeated addition.  Quiz on Friday!

History- We will be learning about Ancient Greece and Rome this week.


Words of the Week- Greece, Rome, contribution, ancient, modern, sport, column, hill, farm, and trade

Events Next Week- Read for a Treat, Tuesday Oct. 30 and Parent Teacher Conferences,

Thursday Nov. 1 *sign up by Wednesday of this week!

Week of Oct. 15

Week of Oct. 15

This is our Marking Period One Testing Week!

Monday- Reading MP Test

Tuesday- Math MP Test

Wednesday- Science MP Test

Thursday- History MP Test


We will not have any “Words of the Week.”  Students will be finishing up their October writing prompts.  These will be on display in the hallway for Open House on Tuesday.  Tuesday night (Oct. 16) there will be a PTA meeting at 6:30.

Week of October 9th

Week of October 9th

Lang. Arts- This week students will not have any “Words of the Week” we will be working on Word Study in the classroom.  Students will be working with verbs this week with a “Verb Poster” project to wrap up our lesson.

Math with Ms. Thompson- Students will continue exploring multiplication.  We have had a lot of fun showing how repeated addition can help us solve multiplication problems.  This week students will be creating arrays to model multiplication facts.

Science- Tuesday we will review Natural Cycles for our unit test on Wednesday.  On Thursday we will begin the Water Cycle!

*No words this week!

*Next Week MP Tests will be given!

Read for a Treat

Read for a Treat

Byrd’s Family Reading Night

Byrd Elementary School

Tuesday October 30, 2012

Time: 5:30-6:00

Betsy Q will perform 6:00-7:00

Kids wear your costumes and

trick or treat classroom to classroom!!

(Be sure to bring your trick or treat bag)


**Please send in a bag of candy to your child’s class to support this event by 10/29/12.            

Thank you!

Week of Oct. 1

Week of Oct. 1

Lang. Arts-  Students will continue with reference materials this week, students will learn how to use an atlas, an encyclopedia, and the Internet to gather information.  Reading groups will meet, students will be working on Main Idea and details with nonfiction or realistic fiction text.

Math with Ms. Thompson- We will be wrapping up our unit on Addition with a test on Wednesday.  Students should be able to add up to four digit number with regrouping, to identify and use addition properties, and how to estimate with an addition problem.  On Thursday students will begin learning about Multiplication 0′s, 1′s, and 2′s.

Science- Our unit on Natural Cycles will finish up this week.  Study guide can be found in the Science section of your students binder on the last page of notes.  Test this Friday October 5.


Words of the Week- winter, summer, moon, reflect, illuminate, phases, tides, high, low, world, season, and light