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Week of Sept. 24

Week of Sept. 24

Lang. Arts- This week we will continue with Word Study and begin our reading groups.  As a whole group we will be working with synonyms and begin learning about different reference tools.

Math with Ms. Thompson-  We will begin our unit on addition beginning with fact family and related facts review and moving into two, three, and four digit addition (out to the thousands place) with regrouping.  Students will also be learning about addition properties and estimation.

Science- We will have our test on Metric Measurement on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will begin our unit on Natural Cycles.  This unit will include day and night, seasons, moon phases, and tides.

Words of the Week-day, night, cycle, rotate, axis, tilt, revolve, around, away, toward, fall, and spring

Week of Sept. 17

Week of Sept. 17

Lang. Arts- This week we will be finishing our unit on Charlotte’s Web.  Word Study groups will meet this week. Students will have their first Reading Assessment on Friday, these will continue from this week on.

Math- Students will continue working on rounding out to the thousand.  We will review all of place value including word form, expanded form, and standard form.  Unit test will be on Fridaythis is a change.

Science- We will be finishing up our unit on measurement.  Students will be learning about capacity/volume and temperature this week.  We will have our Unit test on measurement next week.


Words of the Week- balance, beaker, data, observation, measurement, tool, unit, graduated, cylinder, science, scale, and thermometer

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday September 18- Open House from 5:30 to 6:30 PTA meeting follows at 6:30

Friday September 21- Picture Day (Individual)