Reaching Our ELL Students

Our core values at GCPS are characteristic of true educational heroes. We WANT to be excellent for our students. Being creative and courageous are signs of excellence and key to reaching all of our students . Do the honorable thing and remain optimistic. We WILL reach our ELL students!

Great tips found here.

Shark Bait…Ooooh ha ha!

One of the cool aspects of my job is that I witness awesome teaching in action at the elementary level. Having 17 years of secondary experience, I never thought I’d enjoy the variety of songs and phrases teachers use to gain their students’ attention so much! I firmly believe that elementary teachers in Goochland County are true experts at classroom management. They’ve built procedures into every facet of the day. When I read through this article, I just knew I had to share. (I particularly like Betsy M.’s mascot idea and #s 17, 38, and 49!)

50 Fun Ways to Gain a Student’s Attention