Should QAR be part of our Common Language?

Question Answer Relationship (QAR) is a reading strategy that is broad enough to tackle critical thinking and comprehension in all grade levels and every content area thus supporting the reading skills of all students across the curriculum…even in math and science! :-)

This article is a 5-minute read and includes a 10-minute instructional video. As you read, ask yourself if QAR should be “common language” articulated vertically and horizontally throughout the county and just think of the implications it might have…!

I Can’t Remember!

Recent brain research provides evidence that the brain, once thought to be rigid, has the ability to be molded, oddly enough,…through PRACTICE! No wonder the old adage “practice makes you perfect” has held credence for so many years!

Those of us who are sometimes “absent-minded” can actually mold our brains to become “present-minded” (if I may use the term loosely!) and all we have to do is practice using our working memory skills. The sites below may provide an avenue to understand why working memory is important in learning and ways to improve it.

Working Memory and Academic Skills

Why Increasing Working Memory Helps Your Child at School

Five Tips to Improve Working Memory

(Disclaimer: A few recent studies have shown that practice alone may not make you perfect. According to one study, other factors affecting your “perfection” include innate ability and intelligence.)