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Goochland Middle School

English 6-Week of May 18-22

Written By: ccharltonmatejka - May• 17•15

Monday, May 18

SOLs:  All

Do Now-Draw a picture of your life and explain it.

Spelling fun-words from this year

Read a short story-How does it apply to their lives?

Complete 100 Points Project

Tuesday, May 19

SOLs:  All

Do Now-Trace your hands and write in both what makes you so special.

STEM Activity

Work on 100 Points Project

Wednesday, May 20

SOLs:  All

Do Now-Draw a view from a window in your house. Write a short explanation.

STEM Activity in connection with completed in-class novels.

Thursday, May 21

SOLs:  All

Do Now-What is happiness? What defines your happiness? What makes you happy?

STEM Activity

Brush up 100 points project

Friday, May 22

SOLs:  All

100 Points Project Presentations

Have fun!


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