Enabling Future Generations; Spotlighting Mr. Rohrer

Currently, I teach ESOL students K-12 in Goochland County, in addition to working with non-English students at our Prep Academy. ESOL students at our Prep Academy work on GED coursework, an Edgenuity course which provides tutorials and GED coursework in their first language -Spanish.

How do I do this? Frankly, I couldn’t address all the needs of my ESOL students without the help of ESOL volunteers and tutors. Many of these individuals receive very small compensation for the hours they tutor ESOL students. Above is a picture of Mr. Rohrer, a retired Math teacher from GMS, who works with my Prep (GED student) three times a week. He tutors this young man in Math/Science. Without Mr. Rohrer’s additional instruction, which fills this student’s academic gap of 4-5 years of non-schooling, this student would be unable to successfully pass his GED coursework. Mr. Rohrer doesn’t speak much Spanish and my student doesn’t speak much English. So, do they communicate? As you can see in the background, Mr. Rohrer has a laptop and my student has a laptop. They both communicate through Google Translate, by typing into the tool what they want to say. So far, this tool has provided sufficient enough services to allow both Mr. Rohrer and student to understand each other.

Thank you Mr. Rohrer for all that you do for my ESOL student at the Prep Academy! Your dedication and volunteer hours have enabled my student to successfully pass a large part of his GED coursework.


Mrs. Barnes

If you ever venture into Mrs. Barnes’ class, you would experience a multitude of teaching strategies targeted to engage her students. I have witnessed her students play verb games in big circles, participate in vocabulary stations using manipulatives, create mini-skits and converse in Spanish, use technology to help create their own situational contexts to personalize the language, and throw a Cinco de Mayo celebration complete with an authentic Spanish restaurant where her students play various roles (e.g. server, hostess, etc.) and invite us in as patrons!

Mrs. Barnes does it ALL to keep it interesting!

On this particular day, I was invited in to be student in a Spanish class! Allow me to clarify. Mrs. Barnes, a few weeks prior, decided that her students were to be teachers. She gave them instructions to create their own lesson plans that they would implement within their own “classrooms!” Their lesson plans had to be engaging and had to effectively use technology to teach Spanish.  She then invited their parents into her classes to participate as students!

This was an incredibly empowering approach to help students increase their confidence in Spanish class! Way to go, Mrs. Barnes!

Parents waited in the main office for their "teachers." When the teachers arrived, they signed their "students" in and then showed them to the classroom. Getting organized! Vocabulary lesson Learning about FOOD! I even got in on the fun (and scored a 100 on the quiz...whew)! Working hard Learning about the weather! Verbs...! Teaching and Learning :-)

Want to learn more about Mrs. Barnes’ class? Please see La Clase de Señora Barnes.

Scratch En Español

The students in Mrs. Barnes’s Spanish 2 class are using Scratch to create games to help the students in Spanish 1 learn how to conjugate regular verbs. I stopped by for a visit earlier today and got to watch what they were doing and chat with them for a little while, in Spanish, of course.

What do they like the most about Scratch? In the students’ own words, “We can make up our own way of creating a game and there is no wrong answer.”

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