21st Century Skills: So what ARE they and why are they important?

All across the nation, schools are making a shift. When you and I were in school, the teacher stood in the front of the room and lectured as we feverishly tried to take notes hoping to catch everything our teachers had said. At the end of a unit (and a notebook full of notes), we took a test. Today, the classroom looks different. Our teachers are taking on more of a facilitator approach to give our students the skills they will need as they enter the workforce. These skills are called 21st Century Skills.

This booklet will give you a much more detailed perspective.

Parents Guide to 21st Century Learning by Edutopia

We have the same goals in mind…

I love to research and I often find myself reading or googling something of interest. My daughter calls me a Google-holic. I simply cannot help myself! And when I stumbled upon this article, albeit old, I could not wait to share it. Collectively, educators and parents, have the same goals in mind for ALL students. We want the best for them. We want success for them. We want students to reach their potential. The following article is old and a little long, but its content is timeless and well worth the read.

The gist? We must work together to build a better future.


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