2015-16 School Calendar Draft

The draft 2015-16 school calendar is available for review. The school board will consider the calendar for adoption during its regularly scheduled meeting March 10th.

Highlights of the calendar:

  • 180 instructional days
  • First day for students is August 24, 2015
  • 3 full & 2 half professional days built in
  • full 2 weeks for winter break
  • Wednesday before Thanksgiving remains a holiday
  • Spring break a full week after Easter
  • 9 full make up snow days built in
  • School year ends June 3rd

As in past years, a committee of faculty and parent representatives from each school collaborated to develop this draft, incorporating the sentiments that have been expressed through personal interaction and survey responses. We are confident this calendar serves the GCPS students and community well, but we certainly want to hear from you.

You can contact your child’s principal or any member of the GCPS leadership, simply reply to this blog post, or contact your school board representatives directly.



2014-15 School Calendar Approved

We are pleased to share the approved 2014-15 school calendar. The board voted unanimously on April 8th to establish this calendar after a recommendation from the Calendar Committee and several days of deliberation. Stakeholders provided feedback regarding the start and end dates, holidays, and school schedules.

Please note that the start and end times for each school are listed in the bottom right of the Calendar. Elementary schools will start at 8:20 and dismiss at 3:10 next year.

Click on the calendar image below to access the full size calendar:

There have been no additional changes to this year’s calendar (13-14) or school schedules.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the dedicated members of the Calendar Committee who devoted incredible time and insight to developing this calendar.

2013-14 Calendar Revisions

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and GCPS Community:

The school board met this past Tuesday night to consider proposals for how we will address the 16 missed days of school and ensure maximum delivery of instruction. The Board approved a plan that involves the following two significant revisions to our current schedule and calendar:

  1. Extend the current school year by 5 additional days, making the last day of school for students Friday, June 6.
  1. Beginning Monday, March 17th, all elementary schools will begin at 8:20 and dismiss at 3:15. This will be a permanent change. These adjustments may require new routines for afternoon pick-up. Each principal will communicate details with families.

These two changes will enable us to meet the Virginia minimum requirement of 990 instructional hours in all five schools. More importantly, this will provide all of our students with the instructional time they need to support deeper learning and prepare for spring testing.

These two changes will impact the spring testing and marking period dates accordingly:

  • The SOL spring testing window and high school level course exams will be moved one week later. GHS and GMS will notify respective parents about specific details.
  • Marking Periods will be adjusted as follows:

Last Day of MP3:      Friday, March 28

Report Cards Printed: Tuesday, April 1

Report Cards Home:   Wednesday, April 2

We are finalizing details for graduation and are considering waiving the last week of school for seniors. We will send a special letter to seniors and their families once all determinations have been made. Graduation will remain the weekend of May 30th but may move by a day or two for reasons unrelated to these calendar revisions.

I realize adjustments to the calendar are inconvenient and unpopular. We have already begun considering the suggestions we will offer the Calendar Committee to develop future calendars that could potentially accommodate significant numbers of absences without this much disruption.

As we adhere to the tenets of our newly adopted strategic plan, our decisions must align to our values and our goals. As a school community we have committed ourselves to excellence and honor and we must maximize our students’ opportunities for learning and comply with the authority of the Virginia Code. I am confident that these revisions, while difficult to implement, will support our efforts to maximize the potential of every learner.

Thank you for your continued partnership.