Boys Tennis Schedule 2013

Goochland High School

2013 Boys Tennis Schedule


WED         3/6             PATRICK HENRY (S) HOME  Canceled


THU          3/14           FLUVANNA                       HOME      4:30

Thu            3/21           Fluvanna                              Away         4:30

Mon          3/25           Powhatan                             Away         4:30

WED         3/27           LOUISA                              HOME      4:30

Wed          4/10           Charlottesville                     Away         4:30

THU          4/11           APPOMATTOX RGS        HOME      4:30

MON        4/15           POWHATAN                      HOME      4:30

Mon          4/22           Appomattox RGS                Away         4:30

THU          4/25           CHARLOTTESVILLE       HOME      4:30 

TUE          4/30           RANDOLPH-HENRY       HOME      4:30

TUE          5/7             RAPPAHANNOCK            HOME      4:30

THU          5/9             APPOMATTOX                 HOME      4:30

Fri             5/10           Randolph-Henry                Away         4:30

Tue            5/14           Appomattox                         Away         4:30

Thu            5/16           Randolph-Henry                 Away         4:30


Athletic events for the week of March 11, 2013

Regular season starts for spring sports on Monday, March 11.

Monday, March 11:

1.  The boys tennis team travels to Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for their match at 4:30.  

2.  The girls tennis team hosts Appomattox Regional Governor’s School at 4:30.

Tuesday, March 12:

1.  The varsity softball and varsity baseball teams host Louisa at 5:00.  Cost for the games is $5.00.

2.  The JV softball & JV baseball teams travel to Louisa for their games at 6:00.

Wednesday, March 13:

1.  The girls tennis team hosts Belssed Sacrament at 4:30.  

2.  The Winter Athletic Awards Ceremony will take place in the auditorium at 6:30.

Thursday, March 14:

1.  The girls tennis team travels to Fluvanna (courts at the new school on Route 53) for their matches at 4:30.

2.  The boys tennis team hosts Fluvanna at 4:30.

3.  The JV and varsity girls soccer team travels to Fluanna (new school on Route 53) for their games at 5:30 & 6:30.

4.  The boys soccer team hosts Fluvanna at 5:30.  Cost for the game is $5.00.

Friday, March 15:

1.  The varsity softball and varsity baseball teams travel to Fluvanna for their games at 5:00.  The games will be played on the fields at the old high school.

2.  The JV softball and JV baseball teams host Fluvanna at 5:00.  Cost for the games is $5.00.

Athletic events for the week of March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4:

1.  The varsity baseball team hosts Trinity for a scrimmage at 4:30.

Tuesday, March 5:

1.  The JV softball and varsity baseball teams travel to Prince Edward for scrimmages at 5:00.

2.  The boys soccer team travels to Powhatan for a scrimmage at 5:00.

3.  The varsity softball & JV baseball teams host Prince Edward in scrimmages at 5:00.

Wednesday, March 6:

1.  The girls tennis team travels to Patrick Henry (Ashland) for their scrimmage at 4:30.

2.  The boys tennis team hosts Patrick Henry in a scrimmage at 4:30.

3.  The girls soccer teams travel to Louisa for their scrimmages at 5:00.

Thursday, March 7:

1.  The JV softball team travels to Powhatan for their scrimmage at 4:30.

2.  The varsity softball team hosts Powhatan for a scrimmage at 4:30.

4.  The boys soccer team travels to Prince Edward for a scrimmage at 5:00.

Spring sport tryouts can start Monday, February 18, 2013

The first official day of spring sport tryouts is Monday, February 18.  Since the 18th is a holiday for students and teachers only a few teams will be holding practice on Monday.

Teams starting Monday, February 18 are:

Baseball 2:00-4:30  Varsity-Wes Farkas  (e-mail)

JV-Patrick Gordon  (e-mail

 Girls Soccer 3:00-5:30  Varsity-Tom Reid (e-mail) JV-TBA

Teams that are starting on Tuesday, February 19 after school are:

Girls Tennis-Teresa Hood (e-mail

Boys tennis-Eric Schlaud (e-mail)

Girls & boys track-HenryJones (e-mail)

Boys soccer-Patrick Brook (e-mail)


Varsity Amy Henneberger (e-mail)

JV Krystle Demas (e-mail)

Anyone trying out for a team will need to have a current school year physical on file with the athletic director.

Spring Athletic Schedules 2013

GHS & GMS spring athletic schedules can be found on and  There is a place on each website to enter in your e-mail address to receive an e-mail when any of the games are postponed, canceled or updated.

You can also go to Coach’s Corner Blog for a weekly update of games.  The next week games are usually posted on Thursday or Friday of each week.

Athletic events for the week of January 14, 2013

Athletic events for the week of January 14:

Monday, Jan. 14:

1.  The middle school girls and boys basketball teams host William Monroe at 5:00 & 6:15.  Cost for the games is $5.00.

Tuesday, Jan. 15:

1.  The JV & varsity girls basketball teams travel to Central for their games at 6:00 & 7:30.

2.  The JV & varsity boys basketball teams host Central at 6:00 & 7:30.  Cost for the games is $5.00.

Wednesday, Jan. 16:

1.  The middle school girls and boys basketball teams host Cumberland at 5:00 & 6:15.  Cost for the games is $5.00.

2.  The JV & varsity boys basketball teams travel to Fluvanna for their games at 6:00 & 7:30.

Thursday, Jan. 17:

1. There will be an informational meeting for male students in grades 9-12 that are interested in playing on the boys tennis team this spring in the cafeteria at 3:30.

Friday, Jan. 18:

1.  The middle school boys basketball team travels to Caroline for their game at 5:00.

2.  The JV & varsity boys basketball teams travel to Bluestone for their games at 6:00 & 7:30.

3.  The swim team will compete against Blessed Sacrament & Trinity at the Goochland YMCA at 6:00.

4.  The JV & varsity girls basketball teams host Bluestone at 6:00 & 7:30.  Cost for the games is $5.00.  



“What is acceptable and appropriate behavior for a fan at a Goochland High School contest?”

  1.  Fans should be seen and heard in a positive manner throughout the contest.  

As a parent and community member watching a contest, you should try to blend in with the woodwork. Don’t draw attention to yourself. The games are all about the students, not about you and your comments. If you have to say something during a contest, it should only be positive praise. Never direct negative comments towards our student-athletes, their opponents, or the officials. Root for the entire team, not just one individual kid.

2. Fans should never publically criticize their child….and never, ever criticize somebody else’s child!

Provide positive support, care, and encouragement to your student-athlete and our team. If you feel compelled to try and coach your player from the sidelines, or make some disparaging remarks, then you have crossed the line. Never ever criticize some other parent’s player on your team or the opponents.  Everyone wants to win, but it isn’t a win at all costs mentality.

Don’t belittle or demean your child with hurtful comments about his performance or lack of success. Players look to their parents for approval during contests, and if you look like you’re having a good time, then he or she will feel the same way. But if you’re scowling, or cursing, or stomping around, then your player will take that as a sign that they ought to be nervous and angry, too. So, relax – leave your game face at home – and wear a relaxed face to our games.

3. Every athletic contest is a learning experience for our student-athletes and our fans.

After the game, treat the contest as a learning experience and build on the positive and minimize the negatives of your child’s performance. I have seen too many relationships damaged between a parent and child because of ill-advised comments made in the heat of the moment immediately after a contest. Every player has a critical role in the team’s success. However, not every player can be the leading scorer or rusher. Show your child you value and accept his role in the team’s success. Love and accept your child for what he is, not for what you wished he was on the athletic field.

4. It is okay to applaud a nice play by an opposing player.

We’re trying to teach our students to be good sports, and to respect their opponents and the officials. So if one of the opposing players makes a great play, applaud it! That’s okay – yes, even sometimes the opposing team makes good plays! And you should tell your child that it’s okay for their opponents to be talented as well.

5. Coaching is the Coach’s job – – NOT yours.

Allow the coach to be responsible for your athlete during practices, games, or team related activities. Please do not coach your child from the stands. This presents confusion to the player and places an unfair pressure upon him to decide loyalty. Ultimately, your child is expected to do what he is being coached to do by his coach. When your child listens to you instead of the coach, he or she probably will be removed from the game by the coach.

Remember that there is more than one way to approach most situations in a game. Coaches are doing their best to make the right decisions based upon situations and the ability of their players. We all make mistakes and none of us start with those intentions. Respect their decisions and factor in execution of the players before forming bold opinions of their coaching abilities.

6. Our fans represent our school and community and other schools will judge the quality and character of our school district based on your behavior.

The coaching staff and administration of Goochland High School ask you to demonstrate Bulldog sportsmanship as you consciously recognize how you treat the officials, the opponents’ fans and players, and anyone else involved with the game. You represent our school just as much as our coaches and players.  We ask you to remain aware of the types of behaviors you are modeling to our students. Understand that you are a role model for your child and others. So if you’re going nuts on the referees, or throwing a temper tantrum, or seem emotionally unsettled in the stands, don’t be surprised if your child and our student body start acting the same way. If you behave this way, I can assure you it embarrasses the fans around you and more importantly your child.

7. Officials are not to be criticized or verbally abused in any way.

Respect the position and professionalism of game officials. Officials are human beings like you and I and they are going to make an occasional mistake. Understand that the vast majority of people do not know where to draw the line when it comes to questioning an official’s call.

Unfortunately, too many fans think that an official can somehow be psychologically influenced during a contest and that if they keep chirping and pointing out the mistakes of the official, they will begin to give our team the close calls. Of course, that never happens.  If anything, the official will just get annoyed with our fans and then all of the close calls will go in the direction of our opponent. Thus, our student-athletes will be the ones who will suffer if you choose to criticize officials.  If a questionable call is made during a game, it is the coach’s responsibility to discuss it with them in a respectful, professional manner.

Remember that it takes everyone from our school district and its programs to be considered a success not just on the field or court, but in the stands during the game, and the parking lot after the game. It is human nature to be critical. But a school’s success is based upon the commitment and sportsmanship of all. Any school program has a higher potential for success if everyone supports it in a positive manner. I look forward to your presence and support at each and every one of our contests this year.

Please take the time to enjoy the games and our student-athletes’ commitment and dedication to their sport and our school.


Athletic schedule information

There are a few ways to keep up with GHS athletic schedules.

1.  rSchoolToday is a site that will have GHS’s schedules on it.  Click on the link and there is a way to put in your e-mail address to get updates when athletic events are postponed.  The parent guide for rSchoolToday is can be found on the VHSL website also. 

2.   ViewMySchedule is still being used by GHS for scheduling and e-mails back to parents also.   

3.  GHS is also using Big Team Sports since they are linked up with rSchoolToday.  The website is

Directions to the new Fluvanna County High School

Directions to the new Fluvanna County High School, 1918 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Palmyra, VA 22963

Route 6 to Dixie
Right onto Route 15
Just before going into Palmyra, turn left on to Route 53
Go about 2 miles and the school should be on your right.
1. Start out going west on River Rd W/VA-6 toward Bulldog Way. Continue to follow VA-6. 20.0 mi Map
2. Turn slight right onto US-15/James Madison Hwy. 6.4 mi Map  |  Avoid
3. Turn left onto Thomas Jefferson Pky/VA-53. 1.9 mi Map  |  Avoid