Directions to Essex High School

1. Start out going east on River Rd W/VA-6toward River Rd W/US-522. Continue to follow VA-6.
0.7 mi
2. Turn left onto Sandy Hook Rd/US-522.
  • If you are on River Rd W and reach Dickinson Rdyou’ve gone a little too far
0.3 mi
3. Take the 1st right onto Fairground Rd.
  • If you are on US-522 and reach Three Jay Lnyou’ve gone about 0.4 miles too far
5.1 mi
4. Turn slight right onto Broad St Rd/US-250.
  • Broad St Rd is 0.4 miles past The Preserve Dr
0.8 mi
5. Turn left onto Oilville Rd.
  • If you reach Cardwell Rd you’ve gone about 0.4 miles too far
0.4 mi
6. Merge onto I-64 E toward Richmond.
  • If you reach Pony Farm Rd you’ve gone about 0.5 miles too far
10.1 mi
7. Merge onto I-295 S via EXIT 177 towardAirport/Washington/Norfolk.
16.4 mi
8. Merge onto US-360 E via EXIT 37Atoward Tappahannock.
38.6 mi
9. Stay straight to go onto S Church Ln/US-17.
0.6 mi
10. Turn left onto Airport Rd.
  • If you are on Tidewater Trl and reach Thomhill Lnyou’ve gone about 0.3 miles too far
1.0 mi
11. 833 AIRPORT RD is on the right.
  • Your destination is just past High School Cir
  • If you reach Commerce Rd you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far

Bring Can Goods to Football Game on September 6 vs. FUMA

The “Feed Goochland Club” is at it again.  The club, a creation of Goochland High School juniors Matthew Ashley, Michael Nadder, Raleigh Marria, and Carson Sylvester, plans to launch its second food donation drive to benefit the Goochland Free Clinic & Family Services (GFCFS). Michael Nadder says he “would greatly appreciate your participation in helping to feed the families of Goochland County”. On Friday, September 6, a collection will take place at the Bulldogs’ first home varsity football game against Fork Union Military Academy to help stock the shelves of the GFCFS Food Bank.  The pantry is especially in need of peanut butter; canned fruit, vegetables, tuna, and soup; macaroni & cheese; and pasta. Upon admittance into the game, patrons will receive a raffle ticket for EACH non-perishable food item donated. These raffle tickets will be entered in a drawing to be held at half-time for an athletic pass ($85.00 value) to all regular season sporting events held at the school for the remainder of the school year. The more items donated, the better the odds of winning. Participants must be present at half-time to win. If the raffle winner has already purchased an athletic pass, the $85.00 will be refunded to him or her. The club members hope for generous community participation at the game and wish everyone luck in winning a pass to Goochland High School athletic events.


Athletic events for the week of August 26, 2013

Tuesday, August 27:

1.  The golf team travels to Amelia Country Club to play Amelia & Nottoway at 3:30.

2.  The JV & varsity volleyball teams travel to Collegiate for their first games of the year at 5:00 & 6:30.

Wednesday, August 28:

1.  The girls & boys varsity cross country teams travel to Randolph-Henry High School for their first quad meet of the year at 4:30.  Also running at R-H are Amelia & Cumberland.

2.  The JV football team will host Essex for their first game at 6:30. Cost for the game is $5.00.

Thursday, August 29:

1.  The golf team travels to the Longwood course to take on Prince Edward & Randolph-Henry at 3:30.

Friday, August 30:

1.  The varsity football team travels to Essex High School for a rematch of last year’s state championship game at 7:00.

Cross Country Schedule 2013


Wed          8/28          Randolph-Henry                R-H           4:30

                           Cumberland & Ameli

Wed          9/4            Amelia                                  Amelia      4:30

                           Bluestone & Buckingham

Tue            9/10          Collegiate                            COL           5:00 

Wed          9/11          Prince Edward                   PE                4:30

                           Buckingham & Cumberland

WED        9/18          AMELIA, NOTTOWAY    HOME               4:30

                           & PRINCE EDWARD

Thu           9/26          JRD at Fork Union           FUMA              5:00

Wed          10/2           Buckingham                        BUCK          4:30

                                    Nottoway & R-H

WED        10/9           Bluestone                             BLUE             4:30

                           Cumberland & Nottoway

Wed          10/16         BLUESTONE,                       HOME           4:30

                           BUCKINGHAM & PE 

Wed          10/23         JRD                                     BLUE                TBA

Wed          10/30         Quad River                         BLUE                TBA


Golf Schedule 2013

Goochland High School

2013 Golf Schedule

Thu    8/15          Cumberland                                  Away         3:30

                           & Central

 Tue   8/20          Bluestone                                     Away         3:30

                           & Cumberland

THU 8/22          NOTTOWAY                               HOME      3:30

                           & BLUESTONE

Tue   8/27          Amelia                                          Away         3:30

                           & Nottoway                         

Thu   8/29          Prince Edward                              Away         3:30

                           & Randolph-Henry

TUE 9/3            BUCKINGHAM                          HOME      3:30

                           & RANDOLPH-HENRY

Thu   9/5            Prince Edward                              Away         3:30

                           & Amelia

Tue   9/10           Central                                          Away         3:30

                           & Prince Edward

TUE 9/12          BUCKINGHAM                          HOME      3:30

                           & CENTRAL

 THU 9/19          JRD 1-3, 4-6 & 7-9                      TBA          3:30

 Mon 9/30          Quad Rivers Conference             Bluestone TBA

Volleyball Schedule 2013

Goochland High School

2013 Volleyball Schedule


TUE                8/20                 LOUISA (Scrimmage)         HOME            5:00

SAT                8/24                 JAMBOREE  (Varsity           HOME            9:00 AM                         Bluestone, Collegiate, Goochland, Midlothian & Nottoway      

                                                                                                                        JV start time

Tue                 8/27                Collegiate                              Away               5:00

TUE                9/3                  AMELIA                                 HOME            5:30

THU                9/5                  BLUESTONE                        HOME            5:30    

Tue                 9/10                Randolph-Henry                   Away               5:30

WED               9/11                POWHATAN             HOME            5;30

Thu                 9/12                Buckingham                          Away               5:30

MON              9/16                COLLEGIATE                       HOME            5:00

TUE                9/17                CENTRAL                             HOME            5:30

Tue                 9/24                Nottoway                                Away               5:30

THU                9/26                CUMBERLAND                    HOME            5:30

Tue                 10/1                 Prince Edward                       Away               5:30

Thu                 10/3                 Amelia                                   Away               5:30

Tue                 10/8                 Bluestone                              Away               5:00

THU                10/10               RANDOLPH-HENRY           HOME            5:30

TUE                10/15               BUCKINGHAM                    HOME            5:30

Thu                 10/17               Central                                  Away               5:30

Wed                10/23               Midlothian                            Away               5:45

THU                10/24               NOTTOWAY                        HOME            5:30

Tue                 10/29               Cumberland                          Away               5:30

THU                10/31               PRINCE EDWARD               HOME            5:30


Tue                 11/5                 Quad Rivers Tourn.             TBA                TBA

Thu                 11/7                 Quad Rivers Tourn.             TBA                TBA

Sat                  11/9                 Quad Rivers Tourn.             TBA                TBA


Tue                 11/12               2 A East Tournament           TBA                TBA

Thu                 11/14               2 A East Tournament           TBA                TBA

Sat                  11/16               2 A East Tournament           TBA                TBA


Time shown is the JV start time.  The varsity usually starts an hour later.