Radio for football game on Saturday, Dec. 1 will not be aired until Sunday, Dec. 2

Even thought 100.5 will be there to broadcast the game on Saturday, Dec. 1 they have a conflict with a college game that is to be aired.  The Goochland semi-final game might be aired until Sunday.

We have a problem with broadcasting the game on Saturday. We have Old Dominion University’s playoff game tomorrow at the same time. We have a strict contract with CBS Sports to carry the game.

Due to the scheduling conflict, the game tomorrow scheduled at 1pm will be broadcast live on our internet site at The game will be broadcast on EZ100.5 Sunday at 1pm in its entirety. We are flooding the airwaves with this info so listeners will know. Sorry for the late notice. This all depends on getting a place to broadcast. Wilson has informed us that there is no room in the press box. We will do all we can to get on. Tey are trying to make accomodations for us on top of the press box. This will depend on safety issues.



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