JRD Volleyball Tournament Revised

Due to the weather created by Sandy this week, the James River District Volleyball Tournament has revised.  The quarterfinal games will be played on Thursday, November 1 at 7:00 at the top four seeds.

The semi-finals and the two championship games will be played at Goochland on Saturday, November 3 starting at 1:00.

Cost for the games is $5.00.



“What is acceptable and appropriate behavior for a fan at a Goochland High School contest?”

  1.  Fans should be seen and heard in a positive manner throughout the contest.  

As a parent and community member watching a contest, you should try to blend in with the woodwork. Don’t draw attention to yourself. The games are all about the students, not about you and your comments. If you have to say something during a contest, it should only be positive praise. Never direct negative comments towards our student-athletes, their opponents, or the officials. Root for the entire team, not just one individual kid.

2. Fans should never publically criticize their child….and never, ever criticize somebody else’s child!

Provide positive support, care, and encouragement to your student-athlete and our team. If you feel compelled to try and coach your player from the sidelines, or make some disparaging remarks, then you have crossed the line. Never ever criticize some other parent’s player on your team or the opponents.  Everyone wants to win, but it isn’t a win at all costs mentality.

Don’t belittle or demean your child with hurtful comments about his performance or lack of success. Players look to their parents for approval during contests, and if you look like you’re having a good time, then he or she will feel the same way. But if you’re scowling, or cursing, or stomping around, then your player will take that as a sign that they ought to be nervous and angry, too. So, relax – leave your game face at home – and wear a relaxed face to our games.

3. Every athletic contest is a learning experience for our student-athletes and our fans.

After the game, treat the contest as a learning experience and build on the positive and minimize the negatives of your child’s performance. I have seen too many relationships damaged between a parent and child because of ill-advised comments made in the heat of the moment immediately after a contest. Every player has a critical role in the team’s success. However, not every player can be the leading scorer or rusher. Show your child you value and accept his role in the team’s success. Love and accept your child for what he is, not for what you wished he was on the athletic field.

4. It is okay to applaud a nice play by an opposing player.

We’re trying to teach our students to be good sports, and to respect their opponents and the officials. So if one of the opposing players makes a great play, applaud it! That’s okay – yes, even sometimes the opposing team makes good plays! And you should tell your child that it’s okay for their opponents to be talented as well.

5. Coaching is the Coach’s job – – NOT yours.

Allow the coach to be responsible for your athlete during practices, games, or team related activities. Please do not coach your child from the stands. This presents confusion to the player and places an unfair pressure upon him to decide loyalty. Ultimately, your child is expected to do what he is being coached to do by his coach. When your child listens to you instead of the coach, he or she probably will be removed from the game by the coach.

Remember that there is more than one way to approach most situations in a game. Coaches are doing their best to make the right decisions based upon situations and the ability of their players. We all make mistakes and none of us start with those intentions. Respect their decisions and factor in execution of the players before forming bold opinions of their coaching abilities.

6. Our fans represent our school and community and other schools will judge the quality and character of our school district based on your behavior.

The coaching staff and administration of Goochland High School ask you to demonstrate Bulldog sportsmanship as you consciously recognize how you treat the officials, the opponents’ fans and players, and anyone else involved with the game. You represent our school just as much as our coaches and players.  We ask you to remain aware of the types of behaviors you are modeling to our students. Understand that you are a role model for your child and others. So if you’re going nuts on the referees, or throwing a temper tantrum, or seem emotionally unsettled in the stands, don’t be surprised if your child and our student body start acting the same way. If you behave this way, I can assure you it embarrasses the fans around you and more importantly your child.

7. Officials are not to be criticized or verbally abused in any way.

Respect the position and professionalism of game officials. Officials are human beings like you and I and they are going to make an occasional mistake. Understand that the vast majority of people do not know where to draw the line when it comes to questioning an official’s call.

Unfortunately, too many fans think that an official can somehow be psychologically influenced during a contest and that if they keep chirping and pointing out the mistakes of the official, they will begin to give our team the close calls. Of course, that never happens.  If anything, the official will just get annoyed with our fans and then all of the close calls will go in the direction of our opponent. Thus, our student-athletes will be the ones who will suffer if you choose to criticize officials.  If a questionable call is made during a game, it is the coach’s responsibility to discuss it with them in a respectful, professional manner.

Remember that it takes everyone from our school district and its programs to be considered a success not just on the field or court, but in the stands during the game, and the parking lot after the game. It is human nature to be critical. But a school’s success is based upon the commitment and sportsmanship of all. Any school program has a higher potential for success if everyone supports it in a positive manner. I look forward to your presence and support at each and every one of our contests this year.

Please take the time to enjoy the games and our student-athletes’ commitment and dedication to their sport and our school.


Great Week for the Bulldogs

  1.  The drama team finished 3rd in the James River District Theatre Competition held at Randolph-Henry High School on Tuesday, October 23.

  2.  The competition cheer squad won the James River/Dogwood District Cheer Competition held at Central Senior High School on Tuesday, October 23.  They will represent GHS and the JRD at Region B Cheer Competition on Saturday, November 3 at East Rockingham High School at 11:00.

  3.  The varsity volleyball finished the regular season undefeated with their victory over Amelia on Wednesday, October 24 at home  The varsity team did not lose a game in the James River District (beat everyone in district 3-0).  They will host Buckingham on Tuesday, October 30 at 7:00 in the quarterfinal round of the James River District Volleyball Tournament.  With a win on Tuesday,  they will host again on Thursday, November 1 at 7:00 and with a win, they will host again on Saturday, November 3 at 4:15.  The varsity volleyball team will host a Region B volleyball on Tuesday, November 6 at 7:00.  If the Bulldogs win the James River District Tournament, they could host all three games in the Region B Division 2  Volleyball Tournament.  The games are scheduled to be played on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, November 6, 8 & 10.

  4.  The JV volleyball team finished the regular season with a 19-1 record with a 2-1 victory on Amelia on Wednesday, October 24.  They split with Bluestone during the regular season and will play them in the JRD JV Volleyball Championship game on Saturday, November 3.  If at Goochland (if varsity wins on Tuesday & Thursday), they play at 3:00.

  5.  The girls and boys cross country teams won the James River District Cross Country Meet on Wednesday, October 24 at Pocahontas State Park.  They will advance to the Region B Cross Country Meet on Wednesday, October 31 at Panorama Farms in Charlottesville.  The boys race is at 3:00 and the girls race at 4:00.

  6.  The JV football team beat an undefeated Buckingham team on Thursday, October 25 32-25 at Buckingham.  With the win, the JV Dogs improved to 8-0 with one remaining game at home vs. Amelia on Thursday, November 1 at 6:30.

  7.  The varsity football team hosts Buckingham tonight at 7:00.  With a win, Goochland would be in the driver’s seat for the James River District Football Champion.  The Bulldogs will host a game in the VHSL Division 2 East Sectional on Friday, November 9.

Athletic events for the week of October 29, 2012

Athletic events for the week of October 29:

Monday, Oct. 29:

1.  The scholastic bowl team travels to Central for their matches at 6:00.

Tuesday, Oct. 30:

1.  The varsity volleyball team hosts Buckingham in the first round of the James River District Volleyball Tournament at 7:00.  Cost for the game is $5.00 and since it is a JRD tournament game, the GHS family passes, GHS Staff passes, the James River District passes and the Senior Citizen passes do not work.

Wednesday, Oct. 31:

1.  The girls and boys cross country teams travel to Panorama Farms in Charlottesville to compete in the Region B Cross Country Meet.  The boys race is at 3:00 and the girls race is at 4:00.  Admission to the event is $5.00 to park and cash only.

Thursday, Nov. 1:

1.  The JV football team hosts Amelia in their last game of the year at 6:30.  Cost for the game is $5.00.

2.  With a win on Tuesday night, the varsity volleyball team will host the winner of Randolph-Henry/Nottoway game at 7:00.  Cost for the game is $5.00 with not passes accepted.

Friday, Nov. 2:

1.  The varsity football travels to Amelia for their final regular season game at 7:00.

Saturday, Nov. 3:

1.  The varsity cheer competition squad travels to East Rockingham High School for the Region B Cheer Competition at 11:00 am.  Cost for the competition is $7.00.  Directions & details to follow next week.

1.  With a win on Thursday, the varsity volleyball team will host the championship games of the James River District Volleyball Tournament.  Goochland’s JV team will play Bluestone JV in the JRD JV Championship game first.  If the championship games are played at Goochland, the JV game will start at 3:00 with the varsity championship game at 4:15.  Cost for the games is $5.00.


James River District Volleyball Tournament: Oct. 30, Nov. 1 & Nov. 3

The varsity volleyball team finished the season 14-0 in the James River District and 20-0 overall.  They will be seeded #1 in the James River District Volleyball Tournament will be played on Tuesday, October 30, Thursday, November 1 and Saturday, November 3.  The JV volleyball team will play Bluestone’s JV in the JV Championship on Saturday, November 3 before the varsity championship game.

Tuesday, October 30 at 7:00

Game 1:  #8 Buckingham (2-12) at #1 Goochland (14-0)

Game 2:  #5 Randolph-Henry (6-8) at #4 Nottoway (7-7) 

Game 3:  #6 Amelia (3-11) at #3 Central (9-5)

Game 4:  #7 Cumberland (3-11) at #2 Bluestone (12-2)

Thursday, November 1 at 7:00

Game 5:  Winner of game 2 vs. Winner of game 1

Game 6:  Winner of game 3 vs. Winner of game 4

Saturday, November 3 at top varsity seed left in tournament-TBA

Game 7:  Bluestone JV (13-1)  vs. Goochland JV (13-1)

Game 8:  Winner of game 6 vs. Winner of game 5

Cost for the games is $5.00.  Only passes excepted are:


James River District Cheer Fans Conduct

Cheer Fans,

On behalf of the member schools of the Dogwood and James River Districts, the Central High School Administration, students, and staff welcome you to this VHSL Competition.

We hope all of the teams perform well and that everyone enjoys the event.  Good sportsmanship is a top priority of the VHSL. The manner in which your school and community are represented is far more important than whether your team wins or loses the games they play here.   ALL of the teams in this year’s competition  should be proud of their accomplishments, and you, as parents, students and team followers should be equally proud and supportive of them as they chase their dream.

Good sportsmanship is all about respect – respect for oneself, for teammates and coaches, for opposing players and coaches, for contest officials, and for the game. Inappropriate behavior is easy to identify. One need ask only two questions:

1. Is the observed behavior respectful of the targeted audience?

2. Does the observed behavior reflect positively on your school?

If the answer to either question is no, then the behavior is inappropriate and must not be tolerated. Respect for participants and coaches of participating teams, game officials and tournament personnel must be a priority at all times and in all situations.  Much of the behavior you see televised at college games is inappropriate at ANY level, but most especially at the high school level. The following list, though not inclusive, provides examples of behaviors that are disrespectful and thus unsportsmanlike.

.. Not standing attentively during the National Anthem – this is disrespectful.

.. Booing anyone – this is disrespectful

.. Taunting or baiting anyone – this is disrespectful

.. Singling out an opponent and yelling personal remarks – this is disrespectful

..Making inappropriate gestures or sounds toward anyone – this is disrespectful

.. Using profanity toward anyone – this is disrespectful

.. Using racial, ethnic or other slurs – this is disrespectful

.. Throwing things onto the court or toward others – this is disrespectful and dangerous

The responsibility for good sportsmanship rests with each and every one of us. One person behaving inappropriately can ruin the competition experience for everyone.  Cheer for your team, but respect the other teams and the event officials. Be a fan, not a fanatic.  Remember, good sportsmanship is all about respect. Win with humility; lose with grace; do both with dignity.


In an ongoing effort to ensure the safety of our guests, participants, and staff, and the quality of the competition, the following items are NOT allowed at VHSL Events:

Alcohol, Food, Beverages, Umbrellas

Backpacks Sport Bags Coolers, Bottles, Cans

Weapons (of any kind) ,Empty Containers

Laser Pointers ,Artificial Noise Makers , Banners/Flags on sticks or poles

Allowable Items: All bags and allowable items subject to search

.. Artificial noisemakers are prohibited by NFHS Rules at indoor events. This includes (but is not limited to) bells, whistles, thunder sticks, clappers, megaphones (except cheerleaders), horns, etc.

.. Body paint will not be permitted. Face painting is acceptable if done prior to entering the event venue.

No containers/products for face painting will be permitted in the stadium/arena.

.. Bare chests will not be permitted – individuals must remain clothed!

.. In the interest of safety, NO ONE will be permitted on the Court or Mat at the end of the competition. The floor is for the teams, coaches, and event officials.

.. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  Fans that are disruptive, abusive or otherwise

inappropriate will be escorted from the building. This includes individuals who choose to sit among

fans from another team – if you are disruptive and/or disrespectful, you will be asked to leave.


Under no circumstances are “Flash” photographs to be taken during the teams’ competitive routines.


 Seating on the court is for the teams, coaches, judges, and event officials.  All fans must be seated in the bleachers.  Each school will be allotted a designated section.  Handicapped seating is available. 

Directions to Central

CENTRAL-90 min.

Central Senior High School, 131 K-V Road, Victoria, VA 23974

Take 522 to Powhatan;


Cross over Route 60;


Stay straight on Route 13;


Left at Macon on Route 609;


Follow Route 609 like going to Amelia; Take 609 all the way to Route 360;


Take a right on Route 360 for about 20 miles;


Go 2 miles past Rt. 49 intersection (to Crewe);


Turn left on 723 (just before Burkeville);


Cross over Rt. 460 on Rt. 723 to Victoria;


Go about 12 miles and at stop sign turn right on Rt. 49;


Continue straight through traffic light and school is 1.5 miles on left.


Directions to Randolph-Henry

Directions to Randolph-Henry High School

755 David Bruce Avenue / Charlotte Court House, VA 23923-0668

Rt. 522(South) to Rt. 60;

Cross Rt. 60 this road will turn into Route 13

Go 5 miles on Rt. 13;

Take left on Rt. 609;

Follow Rt. 609 to Rt. 360;

Turn right on Rt. 360:

Stay on Rt. 360 for about 32 miles;

Take the 360 Business Keysville / Farmville Exit (Route 15);

Go straight across at stop sign, Sheldon’s Restaurant will be on your left;

Go 1.5 miles into Keysville;

 Turn right onto Rt. 40;

Go about 9 miles to Charlotte Court House;

Take a left at stop sign (Exxon Station on right);

School is two miles on left.


Athletic events for the week of October 22, 2012

Athletic events for the week of October 22:

Monday, October 22;

1.  The middle school boys soccer team hosts St. Christopher’s at the old high school at 4:30.

2.  The scholastic bowl team travels to Buckingham for their first match of the year at 6:00.

3.  The JV & varsity volleyball teams travel to Buckingham for their games at 6:00 & 7:15.

Tuesday, October 23:

1.  The drama team travels to Randolph-Henry High School for the James River District One Act Play competition at 4:00.

2.  The middle school volleyball team travels to Collegiate for their game at 4:30.

3.  The cheerleader competition squad travels to Central Senior High School for the James River/Dogwood Districts Cheer Competition at 7:00.

Wednesday, October 24:

1.  The cross country teams travels to Pocahontas State Park at Chesterfield Courthouse for the James River District Cross Country Meet.  The girls run at 3:00 and the boys at 3:45.  THE COST IS $4.00 TO PARK.

2.  The JV and varsity volleyball teams host Amelia in a PINK OUT game and the last game of the regular season at 6:00 & 7:15.  Cost for the games is $5.00.

Thursday, October 25:

1.  The middle school boys soccer team hosts Fork Union on the old high school field at 4:30.

2.  The JV football team travels to Buckingham for their game at 6:30.

Friday, October 26:

1.  The varsity football teams hosts Buckingham at 7:00.  Cost for the game is $5.00.


Directions for cross country meet at Bluestone on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Driving directions to Occoneechee Park Rd, Clarksville, VA 23927
Goochland High School
3250 River Road West
Goochland, VA 23063
1. Head east on VA-6 E/River Rd W towardUS-522 N/Sandy Hook Rd
2.4 mi
2. Turn right onto US-522 S/Maidens Rd/State Route 634
Continue to follow US-522 S/Maidens Rd
9.2 mi
3. Continue onto State Route 1002
0.3 mi
4. Continue onto VA-13 W/Old Buckingham Rd
2.3 mi
5. Turn left onto Giles Bridge Rd/VA-609
Continue to follow VA-609
5.0 mi
6. Turn left onto VA-616/Genito Rd/VA-609
0.4 mi
7. Turn right onto Grub Hill Church Rd/State Route 609/VA-609
Continue to follow Grub Hill Church Rd/State Route 609
7.1 mi
8. Turn right onto US-360 W/Patrick Henry Hwy
Continue to follow US-360 W
52.3 mi
9. Turn left onto US-15 S/Barnesville Hwy
Continue to follow US-15 S
19.0 mi
10. Slight left onto US-15 S/VA-49 S
390 ft
11. Turn left onto US-58 BUS E/VA-364 S
Continue to follow VA-364 S
0.6 mi
12. Take the 1st right onto VA-364 S/Occoneechee Park Rd
Continue to follow Occoneechee Park Rd
0.7 mi
Occoneechee Park Rd
Clarksville, VA 23927