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Vsauce, Photography, and Sources

Over the weekend I watched this video from the Vsauce educational channel on YouTube. I take dozens of pictures with my phone every week, and my whole life I’ve taken pictures with more traditional cameras, so I found the subject very interesting.


I’m a big fan of Vsauce and some of their collaborators¬†Vi Hart and Minute Physics. I’ve blogged about them before.

What caught my eye this time was how the sources of the information were cited for this video. The people at Vsauce used the video description section in YouTube to link to each bit of information that required a reference. With more and more of our teachers uploading videos to YouTube through our Google Apps for Education accounts, I thought it would be useful to point this out.

Our students don’t currently upload their own videos through school-managed accounts, but they might some day. It is good to start looking at how good digital citizens operate and establish a collection of best practices.

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