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Thinking About Art

Our county-wide G21 initiative is about giving students the opportunity to think and learn in ways that go beyond the classroom, for purposes other than just the test. Today in Mrs. Rohrer’s art room, the students were thinking, and thinking aloud. It was great to be there and participate in the process.

Earlier in the year, the students created visual representations of emotions. The artwork was really interesting to see. Lines, colors, shapes, tridimensional structures represented anger, joy, confusion… The students wrote a sentence or two about each emotion for a display, and the end result was beautiful, very profound and often poetic. In fact, the visual and the text together had such an effect that Mrs. Rohrer and I decided to share with the world, and we made this the art G21.

Today the students photographed their work to prepare a narrated slide show in iMovie. Students worked in pairs to photograph each element of the project from different angles, in different lights, and then selected the best images for the iMovie project. It was really great to hear the students discuss their artwork as they saw it through the camera lens, and then go from there to discussing the merits of each photograph as they edited it. Had they worked individually, I might have missed hearing these comments.

Look for images from today’s class later this week on Mrs. Rohrer’s blog.

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