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Teens and Technology

Last week we had to cancel our Social Media Roundtable due to inclement weather. That’s not all bad. Now we have an opportunity to make the event even better.

There is an interesting interview with danah boyd about teens and social media going around Twitter today. Why do teens spend so much time interacting on a screen rather than with the people in the same room? Take a look. It makes a lot of sense.

My favorite passage is at the bottom of the page.

The thing for me is it’s less about focusing on the technology and more about focusing holistically on a particular young person and how they’re doing. There are young people out there who are really doing poorly. Use the technology to figure out who’s not doing okay, and figure out ways to intervene. Because most of the reasons they’re not doing okay are classic–different kinds of stress or pressure, different kinds of family abuse. Mental health issues, peer social insecurities. Peer relationship dynamics, which is all the bullying issues. Let’s not get distracted by the technology, and realize that technology is showing us what’s happening in kids’ lives, and use that as an opportunity to make a difference in their lives, as opposed to thinking that if we make the technology go away we can solve problems. Because that is not at all the way this works.


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