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Space Kitchen

Who’s my new favorite astronaut? Chris Hadfield, of course!

Commander Hadfield is currently on the International Space Station, and he has been sharing his experiences with us, poor Earth-bound mortals. Each video has something amazing to see. Whether he is singing with schoolchildren or chatting with Captain Kirk, Commander Hadfield is entertaining and always educational.

In this video, Commander Hadfield makes a sandwich. I love it that he eats peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Those are always better than the grape jelly kind, right? And in a tortilla, too! By the way, I could not stop staring at how his watch moved on his wrist.


I hope teachers are making the most of these videos and sharing with their students. There are so many interesting ideas to explore. From Commander Hadfield’s comments about crumbs, to the tethered scissors and Velcro-attached bottle of honey, there are examples of creative solutions to seemingly-unimportant problems.

So, watch the videos, and then visit the Canadian Space Agency’s website. There are tons of good reads and pictures there. One related to the above video is Eating in Space. What would you like to rehydrate for lunch today?