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Say Yes to Schoology

This is just the fifth week of the school year, and we are seeing unprecedented adoption rates for our newest tool, Schoology. Yes, the service is very easy to use and the kids find it a natural extension of their online lives. Still, this is has not happened as an accident or without lots of planning. In fact, I’m very proud to say we have made it very hard for teachers to stay away from Schoology and still be aware of meeting agendas and up to date on required procedures such as the OSHA annual review of blood-borne pathogen safety.

New teachers are using Schoology because they have never known Goochland to be any different. Teachers who have been here longer are questioning our dogged determination to get them onboard.

The question I get is whether teachers will “waste all this time learning this new tool just to have it go away next year, just like…”

What follows at the end of that is a list of services that have come and gone, some during my tenure at GCPS, and some even longer than 7 years ago. This might be a justifiable concern, but, that it is the nature of the world we live in now. Teachers can try to stem the tide of change in technology-related services, and that will lead nowhere. This is the way the world works. We have to learn to relearn, or become obsolete ourselves.

Schoology replaces Moodle and Word Press, both of which have been around for many, many years here in Goochland. We hope to use Schoology for years, just like those two. But, if Schoology goes away next year, it won’t take with it any of the valuable educational experiences students will have while we do have it available. Furthermore, teachers will have had the experience to teach in a state-of-the-art blended learning environment. Isn’t that worth it?

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