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At the end of January I had the good fortune to attend the MiTE conference in Galway, Ireland. I’ve been trying to figure out how to synthesize everything I saw and heard into a coherent blog post. It is hard because all the information I harvested is hard to sort. Some of it will help me when I’m working with students, some when I’m working with teachers, and some is stuff I’d love to share with instructional leaders in Goochland. But, despite much of it having very distinct audiences, it is all interconnected.

So, MiTE focused on teacher preparation. More specifically, in the use of mobile technologies in teacher preparation, the affordances, the possibilities, and difficulties in changing the mindset of pre- and in-service teachers. One of the topics that stood out for me was reflection. Student teachers and teachers taking additional graduate classes are asked to record video of themselves teaching. The teachers then watch the video and record their own comments as an additional audio track over the video. The observations and comments are based on what is in the video rather than on recollection of the events in the classroom. The video captures the teacher’s instruction along with student responses and behavior. It creates a record that can be referenced multiple times, and it can also be shared in mentoring relationships.

This past week I learned that the Language Arts department at GHS, on their own, decided to make and share videos of themselves teaching. Because I answered a few questions about video formats and sharing, I ended up hearing some of what the teachers thought of the exercise. It was very interesting to hear the teachers’ comments after watching themselves on the screen. Most importantly, it was impressive to hear how teachers set goals for themselves based on what they thought could be improved.

What if this could be incorporated into Goochland’s roadmap towards our goal to transforming instruction and fostering deeper learning?


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