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Publishing Very Large Files

Sometimes we create files that are larger than the size limit we have set for our WordPress server. Here is a video showing you how to publish those files.

Please keep these things in mind:

  1. You cannot do this from home. You can only access the web server to move files to your Sites folder when you connect from within our network

  2. Your file name should have no capital letters, no spaces, and no punctuation.

  3. Always test that your file plays properly after you have published your post.

If you need any additional help with this, please let me know. And, for more tips and tutorials on publishing to your blog, visit our complete publishing guide.

One Comment

  1. Thanks Bea.

    I’d like teachers to know that the server space is not for files that shouldn’t be on the web. This isn’t a file backup service or a place to put files you don’t have room for on your laptop. This space is for movies and for zipped files that otherwise won’t go onto the blog server (i.e. Scratch projects).