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Photos For Class

Last week was Spring Break and on Tuesday I made a very conscious decision to disconnect and have a very slow dinner with my children. I knew I’d be missing a couple of Twitter chats, so I went looking through my feed on Wednesday morning. There were lots of really good ideas there, but one stuck out because it solves a problem I see over and over in our schools and have been unable to do more than put little band aids on it over the years.

Katie Morrow (@katiemorrow) shared the Photos For Class website. This is a website that searches Flickr and finds only G-rated images that can be used in school project. It gets even better. When you download a photo, you automatically get the citation.

I know this resource, if used consistently, will save us many disappointments in the future. Just in the past few weeks, I have had to revise plans with teachers multiple times because what they planned to publish openly online was full of copyright-infringing images pulled from Google and other online sources. I also know this resource is trustworthy because I know that Katie practices what she preaches and she would not recommend a broken resource. If you would like to see what students can do with the right guidance, take a look at Katie’s blog post on students as published authors.

We have all the tools. We have a great example. Let’s make it happen.

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