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PBL and Cross-Curricular Connections

A few weeks ago I interviewed Ms. Kass and Ms. Krickovic to highlight what was going on in their classrooms. Both teachers told me about projects that let students publish their work based on research using Schoology as a platform for discussion and collaboration among students.

There are many overlapping aspects to these two projects, and now that the teachers have had the opportunity to reflect upon the results, they are making plans to make this a cross-curricular project next year.


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  1. Kudos to Ms. Kass and Ms. Krikovic for working in this cross-curricular approach to the arts and science. I love the idea of collaborating next year as well, and would enjoy helping by teaching “dialogue” for fictional stories that might accompany the work next year. It’s great to teach in an environment where students can use technology to synthesize and create. We’re hitting the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy! It’s also great to have the guidance of our talented technical experts to lead the charge!