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iPads and WebDAV

When I was finalizing my presentations for VSTE a couple of weeks ago, John Hendron (blog) said, “If you were more adventurous, you’d enable WebDAV and use that instead of DropBox to share your documents.” I don’t like taking risks at conferences, so I just nodded my head and went about my day.

Last week I remembered the conversation and decided to look into it. My Google search returned two tutorials. One assumed I knew more than I did. The other one was detailed enough for me, so off I went into Terminal, facing my fear of anything starting with “sudo.”

Of course, it did not work. So, if you follow the tutorial, just know you have to add “<Directory” to the beginning of the third bit of STEP 3. In the image below, you see there is a </Directory> at the end, but there is no <Directory at the beginning. Computers don’t seem to like that much.

Screen Shot 2011-12-14 at 9.47.51 PM

That seemed to do the trick, and we moved several Pages documents back and forth between my iPad and my MacBook. Beautiful.

One more thing, I did not name the user “myipad” but “student” instead.

What am I doing with my WebDAV now? Students can connect to my laptop and turn in their iWork files from their iPads. Now that I know it works so beautifully, we’ll be following the tutorial, minus the hour spent on debugging, and get all teachers collecting and sharing documents with student iPads. One step closer to making this seamless.