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Google Earth Field Trip

Over the next few weeks, students in Mrs. Berry’s classes will be creating SketchUp models of buildings around our county. When they are finished, the students will submit the images to Google Earth to be used in their 3D layer.

In preparation for this project, they went on a field trip to photograph buildings in downtown Goochland. We spent a perfect, sunny day walking around houses and businesses, with cameras, clip boards, and clinometers. I was supposed to supervise, but the kids were so intent on getting their stuff done, all I did was laugh at their jokes and take pictures right along with them.

Along the way, walking from one end of town to the other, we also scouted out some cool areas for next day’s photography field trip. We saw all sorts of things, from banana plants to horse skulls.

I hope I have the time to be involved in this project all the way.

And, last but not least, thanks to Brad Franklin for lending me the camera.





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