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Equal Learning Opportunities

As our 1:1 program has expanded upward from the elementary grades, our district has been proactive in creating an environment where digital tools and digital mindsets will ┬ábe commonplace when the expansion reaches the higher grades. To fill in the the gaps where we don’t yet have devices for every student, we have instituted a BYOT program at GHS. It sounds scary to jump into something new and foreign, but there are excellent reasons to stretch ourselves to go beyond what is comfortable and has worked in the past.

This image comes from a excellent blog post I read yesterday. Having heard my own two children have this conversation at home, I thought I’d share both the image and the post. Using technology in education and moving away from lectures is less and less a choice and more and more an obligation.

We have plenty of our own technology in Goochland. We also have opportunities to develop student-centered activities through our G21 framework. I know I’ve been away with iPad deployment over the past few weeks, but I’m available to work with anyone interested in trying something new.

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