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Ms. Thomas’s students have been reading the play based on the Diary of Anne Frank. To better understand why the Frank family was hiding, students researched other events recognized as genocides. Each student taught the class the causes, events, and outcomes of each genocide. I’m sitting in class right now listening to presentations on the Holodomor, Armenian genocide, and Australia’s lost generation.  The questions the students bring up prove they are listening and they are interested. What was the global response? How does this genocide affect global politics today? What are the survivors doing now? How did governments managed to hide what they were doing? Why didn’t they fight back? The presenters are answering, but the class is actively discussing, citing current and historical events. I’m very impressed.

These kids are connecting all sorts of things: Malala Yousafzai’s story, ISIS, current fighting in Ukraine, redrawn borders after World War I, Al Shabaab, the Trail of Tears…

The conversations are great. This might not be covered by an standards, but these kids will always remember this activity and will have a very different awareness of the world for as long as they live.

Of course, I’m also very happy the kids used Google Slides  and cited all their works properly. Beautiful work, Ms. Thomas and kids.

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