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Accidental Discovery

Earlier this week, John Hendron and I were in my office working on a video when Mrs. Abbott (blog) came to visit. I had asked her to stop by so we could install the Reflection app on her laptop and show her how to use it with the iPads in her room.

After I launched the application, I picked up my iPad off my desk to activate mirroring. John, who was across the room from me, wanted to be the one to show the apps on his iPad, and he had also grabbed his iPad.  We looked at each other and it was a challenge. Who can do this first?

We hit the button, and it turns out, we BOTH mirrored our iPads. Neither of us knew we could do that. What a nice surprise.

Now I have this new option to share with teachers and students. Imagine the possibilities. The teacher and a student comparing how they’ve done something and sharing with the class. Two students presenting a complex project involving multiple apps…

These little accidental discoveries are always so much fun.


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