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2nd Annual Photo Safari

This week I went on the 2nd Annual GHS Photo Safari with Ms. Berry’s students.

On Wednesday we went down the road to photograph and measure buildings with the 3D Digital Visualization students. This is a continuation of last year’s efforts to populate Goochland with 3D buildings in Google Earth. We had a fun time with the homemade clinometers. The students took the job very seriously and are now ready to start building their models.

On Thursday we went down the road again, this time with the Digital Photography and Digital Graphics students. We took pictures of anything that caught our eye in and around the buildings on both sides of River Road. There are plenty of interesting shapes, textures, and shadows, and we stayed busy all morning.

I would like thank all the business owners and Goochland residents who let us point our cameras at them and their property. And of course, I’d also like to thank Ms. Berry for letting me come along with her students. I had a great time.

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  1. The bee is a nice capture!

    Really cool you have that opportunity. I’d love to do something like that with students.