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What is Happening in Room 114?

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Back to School PTA, Sept. 19

Mrs. Alvis’ News

                                         Sept. 16-20, 2013


Important Dates:

Sept. 19th: Back School PTA Night, beginning at 6:00pm.

Sept. 20th: Early Dismissal, 1:00pm. Interims Go Home.

Sept. 24th: K Vision/Hearing Screening

Sept. 26th : Picture Day


Language Arts:

Fundations, Unit 1, week 3-letter focus is i and u-

rhyming words

making marshmallow igloos

decorating funny underwear

positional words

sight words/trick words: continuing to read/recognize the words: the, and, a, my, like, are

journal writing

SOL: K.1-K.13



Counting songs

Calendar activities

Learning days of the week

Months of the year

making a pattern dinosaur

learning about thermometers as tool to measure

SOL: K.1,2,18



making a hearing class book

sense of taste

tasting party on Friday

SOL: K.1,2,4,8,9


Social Studies:

good citizenship

following directions

Sol: K.8, K.9




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