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What is Happening in Room 114?

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What A Great Class!

Our first several weeks of school have really gotten off to a good start.  The students are learning the routines and getting along very nicely.  Here are the activities I hope to achieve this week.

Mrs. Alvis’ News

                              Sept. 9-13, 2013


Thanks So Much for All The Donations Last Week! 

Please put a hold on sending in plastic bottles at this time as I am running out space to store them. Please continue to save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls.


Language Arts:

Fundations, Unit 1, week 2-letter focus is m, n- Since we had a short week last week we will continue with our same letter focus.

Learning Jack and Jill nursery rhyme and acting it out.

Newspaper scavenger hunts

Building a nest engineering.

Continuing Sight word drills for: the, my, a , and, are, like (please put these on index cards and help your child learn to recognize them)

journal writing

rhyming words

SOL: K.1-K.13



Writing, spelling and making sets for numbers 1-5

Calendar activities

Learning days of the week

Months of the year

patterning-starting a pattern book

SOL: K.1,2,18



Five Senses: focus: smell, touch, hearing

making Horton Hears a Who ears

SOL: K.2


Social Studies:

team building engineering: marshmallow tower activity-I didn’t get to this last week, so we will try again this week.

habits of happy kids continued

pledge of Allegiance

Sol: K.8, K.9


Important Dates:

Sept. 19th: Back To School Night: please consider joining our PTA. $5 for individual, $8 for families. Come see what we have been doing in our classroom.

Sept. 20th: Early Dismissal, 1:00pm.

Background Checks: We will be going on a field trip in October. More information will follow.  Please remember anyone wishing to volunteer in any way, this includes attending field trips, must complete a background check with This must be done 6 weeks prior to helping in the classroom or attending field trips.  It is important all those interested get this done asap!




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