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June, 2013

Day 3 of Stem Camp

Design Challenge for today was to design a sheltering structure for the Little Old Woman and her children because they have outgrown their shoe. 

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Humpty Dumpty Day 2 of Stem Camp

Today, students had to build/design a supporting structure for Humpty Dumpty.  They also had to create/design a safety feature to protect Humpty if he fell.  Take a look at the fun we had today!

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Day 1 of Stem Camp

I have had the privilege of teaching a K/1 class of the Mother Goose Stem Camp this week.  Here are a few photos from day 1 of the camp.  For this challenge, students had to create a containing structure that would hold Little Bo Peep’s sheep.  Little Bo Peep also had to be able to enter and exist the structure.

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