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Art Fest 2

March 14, 2015
by arohrer
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There will be music, dancing, theatre, soup for charity, art  to create and  art to ENJOY  !  All of our schools will be represented showing off their accomplishments for parents , friends and the community!  Bring your favorite students and let them show you what they have been up to!  The Festival opens at 5:30 and lasts until 8.  Come as you can and stay as long as you like!

March 7, 2015
by arohrer
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GCPS   FINE ARTS FESTIVAL    is   Thursday      MARCH 19   5-8;30 at GHS   MARK YOUR CALENDAR  ! 

  Here you see our FESTIVAL from last year !  THIS YEAR  we will have  LIVE MUSIC,  ART DISPLAYS ,

             SOUP for sale  in  STUDENT  hand made  CERAMIC BOWLS (donations to the Goochland  FREE Clinic,


     COME  AND  SEE  the   STUDENT  ART   from all over   GOOCHLAND   COUNTY        SCHOOLS !

THIS  wil be a great evening for Students and their families !  DON’T YOU WANT TO SEE

                                                          ALL THE CREATIVITY



February 26, 2015
by arohrer
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African American Face Vessels


Here you see some of the Face Vessels students made in Ceramics Class.  We studied the fascinating history African American slave potters whose creations during the civil war era represented their own rich history, culture and sense of design. Amazingly like the creations of their own African countries, these vessels made mostly in North Carolina , were used to hold magical concoctions.  Often they were placed on graves to ward off evil spirits. Sometimes they were called ugly jugs, but they always had visual character!  Our students made face vessels to their own liking, either in the African American tradition or according to their own creative imaginations!

We looked at actual American Face Vessels by seeing some samples via an internet video from the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts with a museum curator explaining their history. Here you see some authentic African American Face Vessels now on display in Philadelphia !  I was able to actually see them there in person!  Art Museums are amazing! Go to our own Wonderful VMFA soon!


February 15, 2015
by arohrer
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SNOW ! SNOW! SNOW! The beauty & the fun of it!

Mrs. Johnson’s class is enjoying the snow even on the days when we don’t see a flake!  We have been seeing the artistic potential in the beautiful design of the flakes, the random patterns of falling snow,  and we even experienced the joy of creating our own snow fall as we sprinkled powdered sugar on our  ”home-baked” snow flake shaped cookies!























The snowy art was balanced nicely as the Art 8 students finished there Tropical paradise paintings, providing the warmth of sunny scenes and bright colors! Congratulations Jaylen on the water color skills you developed as you created this lovely painting!


February 7, 2015
by arohrer
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Water color is a Tricky Media…and a Great Learning Experience !

Here is a great example of lots of the wonderful things that you  can do with water color!  The Art 8 students learned Water color tricks to create sunset washes, handi wrap waters and salt textured beaches!  We have painted with sponges, used wax , crayons, dry brush, and water color pencils!  It sure is fun!  We learned so much!  I asked my students to write about WHAT THEY LEARNED from water color painting about art and about life… this is what they wrote:  

” Watercolor teaches you to put out your feelings in the form of Art” S.G….” painting has taught me to be more persistent in life and that you have to be ready for everything.” V.S… ” slow and steady makes a good picture” C.G….“Try different and new things in life knowing that sometimes it won’t go the way I want it to go.” A.C….“don’t be afraid to try something different!” T.T….”my life lesson is to stay focused and don’t give up!” E.H….“I figured out that if I tried hard I could get it right! ” J.B.    

Paintings by L.Gonzales and A. Carter respectively in the order shown

January 30, 2015
by arohrer
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Our G21 “A Bird’s Eye View Revisited”

We had so much fun last year with our G21 painting, drawing and research of the Prothonatory Warbler, that we are going to do it again!  Our art 8 Honors students have  already started their research and beginning drawings!  Today we started thumbnail sketches to work with proportion and composition. Our study will continue with a search and investigation of the foliage, and small critters of the habitat to include them in our art. Already our drawing practice and study is paying off!  Here is a summary of what we will be doing for our prothonatory project .


January 22, 2015
by arohrer
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Water Color TRICKS!

Water Color is a most exciting media! You can sprinkle salt in it and it makes sparkling star bursts! Draw in it with a pencil for clear details!  Prepare the paper surface with wax or crayon and the paint will pop off of those areas!  Bounce  your brush up and down to make a realistic  tree top!  With a little color wheel knowledge you can create 1,000 custom made colors!  It is wonderful media for creativity and even adventure! We have been painting the colors of the Tropical paradise !  The students are working hard and doing a great job! Next week we will show off the results of our experimentation, practice, and “fun” hard work!  We are learning to plot and plan because Water Color is truly a thinking artist’s media! Check back in to see the results next week!

January 16, 2015
by arohrer
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MATISSE ! … “the Joyousness of Springtime!”

Here in the dead of winter, we are looking at the art of Henri Matisse who said “I have always tried to hide my efforts and wished my works to have a light joyousness of springtime which never lets anyone suspect the labors it has cost me. ” -Henri Matisse

So we are about to warm up to the vibrant sunny colors of Matisse as I travel to NYC to see his wonderful work at the MOMA! I hope to bring back lots of excitement and information on Matisse! Soon, there will also be an exhibit at our own VMFA, including his work and the art the of Van Gogh!  We will do some reading and study about this hero of Modern art and his companions !  As Matisse lived from 1869 to 1957, his genius spanded the lives of the Impressionists through the work of Picasso!  In fact he and Picasso were friends/enemies through their sometimes paralleled creative journeys!

Here is just a peek at some of his Vibrant work!  

January 9, 2015
by arohrer
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This beautiful sight of the sun rising behind our school – one very cold morning - this first week in January brightened my spirits and brought to mind the wonderful new surprises that the New Year will hold! Life in the ART Room is so full of energy and color and wonderful new images created by my art students! New beginnings, new ideas, new skills, new knowledge, new projects, and new opportunities to share kindness await us in 2015! Welcome to the New Year in 0155!

LOOK  at the concentration these honors Art 8 students brought into the Art room this week!  We are doing BLIND CONTOUR drawing to enhance our  realistic drawing skills!  Students fix their gaze on an object, in this case a pitcher, and draw it’s contour without looking at the paper or picking up their pencil! The EYE follows around the object with the pencil moving to record the line the eye sees!  Of course the proportions are sometimes silly looking, but the lines come out looking unbelievebly real! This exercise trains the eye to really LOOK at the subject we desire to draw realistically!  It make sense because you can’t make a drawing of something look “really real” if you don’t look closely enough to know what it “really” looks like! The students focused so well!  The results were amazing!  Stay tuned to see the results of learning and practice!

January 1, 2015
by arohrer
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PRINTS are the BEST !

It is so delightful to see students create ART, but when they can do the creative work once, and have multiple copies of their ideas presented in various colors,  using repetition and interesting papers it results in  awesome productivity! 




Come see our soon  to be created Gallery wall on the O wing to enjoy all of the print making possibilities we came up with!  We made a big mess with our brayers, ink, and editions, but we are pleased with the results!  We hope you will like them too !  Thank you ART 8 Honors students for a job well done!