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Things are falling in LINE! & LINES!

WE have learned to make lines talk visually!  It has been really fun to work non-objectively with LINE DESIGNS creating them so they look happy, or confused…angry or excited!  WE have been guessing what we have trying to communicate, and working on our visual language skills!  Really fun and interesting combinations of line have come out of our “fun” work!  Since we were able to experience shapes, textures, patterns and emphasis, things are really falling in line with identifying our Art elements & Principles!  Here you see one of our Fine Art inspirations by Pop Artist Roy Lichenstein!



Likely we will start our first sketch book entry next week, so please have sketch books ready !  There are some available for adoption in the Art room, first come, first served! Assignments will be given approximately each 4 weeks.


You can find all of the answers to your questions about our  Art 8 classroom here:

Positive Recognition:

Classroom Rules are currently being discussed and established in class with student participation. Next week’s blog will include that information, however here is some helpful information now!

To encourage students to follow these classroom rules I will recognize appropriate behavior with praise, “good news” in notes home, positive phone calls home, special privileges, and small rewards.


If a student chooses to break a rule, however, the following steps will be taken as, and when needed :

1.Verbal warning

  1. Teacher designated Consequences:

a. work away from the class

b. reading  and worksheet assignment

c, lunch detention

d. classroom service

  1. TOP assignment

  2. Parent phone call

  3. Office Referral

  • Unusual situations may call for immediate parent contact or  Office referral

Expectations: 1. Be in your seat and ready to work as the tardy bell rings. Remember, you receive one warning for  your first tardy. After 3 tardies detention will be assigned.

  1. Sit in your assigned seat each day.

  2. Treat Mrs. Rohrer and your fellow students with courtesy and respect. Do not talk during instruction.

  3. Get water and go to the restroom between classes. You may not leave the room more than 3 times an MP
  4. If you have a problem, speak to me calmly, politely, and privately, and we will resolve the matter.
  5. Mrs. Rohrer dismisses the class, not the bell.

Grading Procedures:

Projects: 50

Tests / Quizzes: 20%

Sketchbook 15%

Classwork 15%

*Projects and sketchbook assignments that are not handed in receive a zero.

*Points will be deducted if assignments are late, work will not be accepted over two weeks late.



9×12 inch spiral sketchbook with at least 20 sheets

Pencils ( WOODEN – not mechanical pencils)

Pink Eraser

Hand held pencil sharpener with catcher

Two Fine Line Markers (Black Sharpie Extra Fine is preferred)**

Optional: colored pencils and markers**

*Students should have these supplies no later than the second week of class. **Not needed for Ceramics Art Classes


Author: arohrer

As a GMS Art instructor, I am happily beginning my 12th year with the GCPS system ! We have a wonderful school facility that enables us to create all kinds of interesting ART ! Certified to teach Art K-12, I have taught all levels of middle school and H.S. Art 1. My experience in teaching Art includes all ages from 2 to 100! God and family are first in my life! My husband Doug, daughters Amy & Karen and son-in-laws Jeff and Andy bring joy to my life! Art has always been my passion and I find teaching very rewarding. I enjoy creating Art in all forms, but my love and focus has always been water color painting. This year promises to be one of exciting artistic growth and creation at GMS !

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