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The LINE on Art… SHAPES up to be a COLORFUL FORM of FUN !

You guessed it!  We will start with the building blocks of Art…..the ART ELEMENTS….the art parts….the foundation for visual creativity!  All of our Art 8 classes will experience the fun of creating LINES, inventing , SHAPES, defining SPACE, showing FORM, and adding TEXTURE !  With all of these, our lives will be filled with more COLOR  and VALUE !  Well there you have it in bold the  7  ART ELEMENTS !

Can you find the ART ELEMENTS in this fine example from one of our former Art 8 students?

                                                          WELCOME to ART 8 at GMS !  For all art  classes, ceramics included, please :

Come equipped with energy, ideas and these basic supplies:

                       wooden pencils   *  eraser   * pencil sharpener with catcher   *  extra fine sharpie   * 9 x 12 sketchbook

I so enjoyed meeting so many of my students and parents this evening at Fee Night!  Thanks so much for coming. It will be an exciting year!

If you need to reach me my email is    

            I am so looking forward  a year of creative fun and learning ! I will see you very soon! Have a great weekend! 

Author: arohrer

As a GMS Art instructor, I am happily beginning my 12th year with the GCPS system ! We have a wonderful school facility that enables us to create all kinds of interesting ART ! Certified to teach Art K-12, I have taught all levels of middle school and H.S. Art 1. My experience in teaching Art includes all ages from 2 to 100! God and family are first in my life! My husband Doug, daughters Amy & Karen and son-in-laws Jeff and Andy bring joy to my life! Art has always been my passion and I find teaching very rewarding. I enjoy creating Art in all forms, but my love and focus has always been water color painting. This year promises to be one of exciting artistic growth and creation at GMS !

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