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The GOODness of GCPS

VINCENT VAN GOGH Said “I tell you, the more I think , the more I feel that there is nothing more artistic than to love people”.  IF  Vincent was right, AND I believe he was, then, GOOCHLAND COUNTY IS A VERY ARTISTIC PLACE!

In the midst of great difficulty in our county, great love has been shown this week. Mr. Rohrer and I are humbled and thankful to work with such good people in such a good school system.  We are all so blessed !

Van Gogh really  loved people and he sought to bring beauty, and  joy into the lives of everyday people with his paintings. The people of Goochland have brought comfort and help as they showed there love  to us and to so many others this week  !  I hope the beauty of Van Gogh’s Art will bring a spot of beauty and joy into your life , and serve as our thank you to the good folk of GCPS!

Author: arohrer

As a GMS Art instructor, I am happily beginning my 12th year with the GCPS system ! We have a wonderful school facility that enables us to create all kinds of interesting ART ! Certified to teach Art K-12, I have taught all levels of middle school and H.S. Art 1. My experience in teaching Art includes all ages from 2 to 100! God and family are first in my life! My husband Doug, daughters Amy & Karen and son-in-laws Jeff and Andy bring joy to my life! Art has always been my passion and I find teaching very rewarding. I enjoy creating Art in all forms, but my love and focus has always been water color painting. This year promises to be one of exciting artistic growth and creation at GMS !

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