Assignments & Lesson Plans Wk. # 36 4/22-26

Monday is a Day Two

Day Two Classes

D2B1 – ceramics – we are still awaiting the repair of the kiln.  This week we should be able to begin firing all of our current projects.

D2B2 – Art II – Abstract sculptures have been completed.  We begin drawing lessons this week with a free theme depicted in flip books.  teacher examples available, use of story board, etc.  Pencils, colored pencils may be used.

D2B4 – Advanced ceramics – students will clean up their raku pots, review for quiz on Wednesday – our next project is completing our ribbon curtain for permanent installation at the entrance to the performing arts center at GHS.

Day One Classes

D1B1 – Art II – students begin the abstract sculpture using french curves and paying attention to positive and negative space using the artist Frank Stella as inspiration.  Students who have not finished their multi media self portrait have until Thursday to do so.

D1B2 – Art III – students continue their artist houses which are due to me April 29.

D1B3 – Ceramics – please see D2B1.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans Wk. # 34 – 4/8-4/1/2

Monday is a Day Two

Day two classes:

B 1 – ceramics – hopefully the kiln will have been fixed and we can begin firing our ware.  students will begin to glaze their artist place settings – refinement is needed in sanding greenware before firing.

B2 – weavings have been completed – a resident artist, Glenn Dankos, sculptor working in abstract welding will be at GMS.  GHS students will be able to interact with him during his residency.  We will study the work of Frank Stella, abstract expressionists and adapt two dimensional  charcoal drawings using the work of franz kline, robert motherwell and david smith as inspiration for a segmented wall sculpture which will become part of a larger whole.  This project is done in companion with Mrs. Johnson’s classes and will be part of our Fine Arts Festival in May.

B4 – students are preparing for our Raku Day scheduled for Friday.  Rain dates are next week.  We will learn the history of Raku in Japan, the process in firing, safety concerns and understand the functioning of the portable Raku Kiln.

Day One Classes -

Block 1 – Art II – students are continuing their mixed media self portrait and will learn the artist Romare Bearden and how he created collage – collage terms and the types of collage will be discussed and students will be able to apply this knowledge to their own work.  This project will be due end of class next Friday.

Block 2 – Art III – students are continuing to build their artists doll houses – concept of furniture will be introduced this week.  This is a large 3D project.  Students are expected to refine their work personalizing according to the artist style.  Information will be given on expectations for oral presentations of the projects along with info on their chosen artist.  All projects/presentations completed by April 25.

Block 3 – Ceramics – please see D2B1

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Assignments & Lesson Plans – Wk. # 33 March 25-29

Monday – snow day

Friday is two hour early dismissal

Tuesday – Day Two – Day Two Classes


B1 – Ceramics – all projects due built at the end of class on Thursday.

B2- Art II – All weavings done end of class on Thursday

B4 – Ceramics – see Block 1 above

Day One Classes   -

Bk1 – Art II – continuation of  self portrait project – not due until after spring break.

Art III – continuation of Artist Houses – not due until after spring break

Art IV – independent study projects due

Ceramics – all projects due Friday.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans Wk. # 32 March 18-22

Monday is a Day 2

D21 – Ceramics – MP 3 Test is given.  Students work on current projects.

D2B2 – ARt II – students continue their weaving projects.

D2B4 – Ceramics 2/1 – Students continue current project.

Day One classes:

D1B1 – Art II – intro to color shapers, YuPo paper, overview of expressionist project.

D1B2 – Art III – students  continue current project.  All diagramming should be one by end of class and preps for cutting out house parts.

D1B3 – Ceramics I – MP 3 test is given  - students work on current project.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans Wk. # 31 March 11-15

Monday is a Day Two

Friday all students report to school.  The morning classes are Day One Classes and the afternoon classes are Day Two classes – approximately 45 minutes each.

MP 3 tests are given this week and next week.

Day Two Classes:

Block 1 – Ceramics – students will continue their present artist place setting project.  Review of materials for MP3 testing.

Block2 – Art II – students complete their felting project; quiz on vocabulary terms.

Block 4 – Ceramics II/I – students work on independent project and review for MP3 tests

Day One Classes

Block 1 – Art II – students begin printing of their hands as part of their self portrait project – learn about color shapers, the abstract expressionist movement; create their abstract art; learn about YuPo paper and how it interacts with heat and use it as a vehicle to create their facial portraits.

Block II – Art III – architecture and artists houses; designing houses and beginning to cut out and assemble.

Block III- Ceramics I – students continue checkerboard projects.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans Wk. # 30 – Mar.4-8, 2013

Monday is a Day One

Day One Classes:

D1B1 – Art II – We are learning about the German Expressionist movement, Degenerative Art, the emigration of free thinking artists from Europe to America during WW II and the implications for the future.  Monday – students will learn about Kathe Kollwitz – German Expressionist Artist working in charcoal and woodcuts.  Using Sof-Kut lino students will draw a contour line drawing of their hand – no tracing- for transfer to the lino and carving of same.  The individual  prints will be sewn together to create a wall mural – this is the first in a series of lessons about the “expressive self”.  Each student will make also make a print of their hand by rolling up ink on hand and making a print or more (demo by teacher).

D1B2 – Art III – Pastels still life – students are winding up this unit and the still life paintings will be due end of class on Wednesday.  Friday we will prepare for exhibition.

D1B3 – Ceramics – Students will continue their current project.  Demo on use of the slab roller.

Day Two Classes

D2B1 – Please see D1B3 above.

D2B2 – Art II – Felting – students will complete their felting projects by Wednesday.  Student evaluation and vocabulary handouts for quiz on Friday.

D2B4 – Ceramics II/I – assembling of ribbons for wall mural; firing of individual pieces for inclusion in same; assignment of new project.    Slab built self portrait box.  Use of slab roller. Painting of bamboo hanger and drilling of holes.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans – Wk. # 29 – February 24-28th

Monday is a Day Two

Day Two Classes:

D2b1 – Ceramics – students will continue working on their current project; REQUIRED:  entry into pottery diary of all projects – rattles, plates – for grading by end of week.

D2B2 – Art II – felting – students will card fleece as needed to create felt balls for use in jewelry project.  Demo by instructor of process.

D2B4 – Ceramics II/I – students will begin to glaze raku pots; unload raku hands from kiln; continue process of glaze dipping ribbons for wall mural.

Day One Classes:

D1B1 – Art II – last day for bookmaking.  Student evaluation.

D1B2 – Art III – students will continue process of observational still life painting.

D1B3 – Ceramics I – please see D2B1.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans – Wk. # 28 February 19-22

Monday is a holiday.

Tuesday is a Day Two

Day Two Classes

D2B1 – Ceramics:

SW complete all glazing of rattles, plates, etc.  Grades recorded.  SW begin drawings for their artist place setting.  Teacher approval.  Done in style of artist, objects – utensils, etc. become something else other than a generic spoon, cup, plate, etc.  Food is created as to what the artist would have been eating during the time they were allive.

D2B2 – Art II – Felting – students will complete the kool aid dyeing of their wool in preparation for creating a 3D felt bowl next week.  Demo given by instructor.

D2B4 – Ceramics II/I – ceramic curtain for auditorium continues.  Students are creating their own interpretation of a performing art symbol as well as their initials in clay.

Day One Classes:

D1B1 – Art II – bookmaking – all projects done by end of class on Friday.

D1B2 – Art III/IV – pastel still life. Students will observe demo by instructor of use of pastel in a still life set up. Begin their own application.

D1B3 – Ceramics I  - students will complete all entries for rattles, plates for grading.  Begin working on thematic ideas for their checkerboards.

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Assignments & Lesson Plans. Wk. # 27 2/11-2/15, 2013

Monday is a Day One

Day One Classes:

D1B1 – Art II – students will continue to complete their handmade books, due end of class on Friday.  Quiz on Wednesday on bookmaking terms.

D1B2  - Art III – introduction to pastels and still life.  HO on vocabulary.  Practice techniques.  Set up composition on 18×24 paper.

D1B3 – Ceramics – Students will complete glazing of plates, rattles and ready for firing.  Firing tickets on all ware.  All glazing done by end of class on Thursday.

Day Two Classes -

D2B1 – Ceramics – last day for computers is tuesday.  Students will glaze rattles, plates, turn in for grade and begin building of their artist place setting.

D2B2 – Art II –  Felting.  Students will continue to create felt, dyeing with kool aid, begin felting collection for projects.

D2B4 – Ceramics II/I  all students have completed their hands/cylinders for raku.  Class teams are completing individual ribbons for a wall hanging for our school.  All students will create an individual insert for the ribbon wall hanging as a remembrance for their school.  Checkerboard assignment for Ceramics I.

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Assignments and Lesson Plans Wk. # 26 Feb 4-8, 2013

Monday is a Day Two

MP3 Testing coming up!

Day Two Classes:

D2B1 – Ceramics -students have completed their three percussion instruments.  This week we will be glazing our engobe plates.

D2B2 – Art II – students have completed their batik.  This week we will begin felting.  Introduction, project parameters, process and vocabulary given this first day.

D2B4 – Ceramics II/I – most students have completed their Raku hands.  Monday we will begin the process of handbuiling our Raku cylinders, which are due the end of class on Friday.  Raku day for this class is April 12.

Day One Classes

D1B1 – Bookmaking – students have been introduced to the fundamentals of bookmaking – today they will observe demo on how to put a book together, tools used and procedures that need to be followed in a specific order.

D1B2 – Art III- still life students are to have brought in on Tuesday at least three items that they will be using to draw a still life.  We will start with contour and composition, proceed to a value study in paint learning to create in monochromatic colors and move into pastel for the final composition.

D1B3 – Ceramics – please see D2B1.


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